Could an Ostrich Win a Fight With a Lion?


Is this a fun fact or fiction? An ostrich can kill a lion. Is that true? Or did we make it up? Keep reading to find out and learn more about the ostrich.

Fun Fact or Fiction?

Fun fact: an ostrich can kill a lion. Is this true or did we make it up?

The Answer

This one's true! Ostriches really are capable of killing lions.



Ostriches can be nine feet tall and weigh up to 350 pounds, making them the largest birds alive. Lions may not be as tall as ostriches (lions can be 5 to 8 feet long), but they can outweigh them. Male lions can weigh anywhere from 330 to 500 pounds once they're fully grown.

If their heights are relatively similar and the lion has the potential to weigh significantly more, how can an ostrich kill a lion? It's all in the legs!

Ostriches have powerful legs. Although they may be known for their ability to use those legs to run (up to 31 mph for long distances or 43 mph for short distances), their legs are strong enough to help them fight and kill a lion.

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By Jessica Lyons
October 2018
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