Finding Remote Jobs for Math Majors & Tutors updates

Online math jobs can provide you with flexibility and the chance to help students around the country but finding the right one for you can be difficult. Keep reading to learn how you can find the best remote jobs that work for your experience as a math major or tutor.

What to Look for in a Math-Related Online Job

As 2021 begins, many teachers, tutors and education experts are showing interest in either moving to a fully remote position or supplementing their current schedule with flexible remote work. It can be difficult to find a position that fits your lifestyle and needs, but the best way to ensure you end up with a remote job you love is to look for:

• Flexible hours

• Flexible workload

• Ability to work in your area of interests with a product you believe in

• Multiple opportunities/projects to work on

• Reliable payments

• High-quality support staff

Why has the Best Online Math Jobs has many positions for those with math experience that meet all these requirements! offers contract work where you can choose your hours and workload, with reliable payments every two weeks. We also have a number of different projects you can request to join, so you can find one, or many, that suit you! is a company whose goal is to make education more accessible, and the work of our contractors provides students all over the country with the help they need after an academic year.

Job Requirements for Math-Related Positions

• For a majority of these positions all you need is a degree in math or teaching/tutoring experience in math

• Further details on the requirements for these positions in the job application links below!

Open Online Math Jobs

Math Video Creator: Create short, tutorial-like videos on granular math topics. Videos are recorded on a whiteboard application. A tablet is required for this position. Contractors will go step-by-step through a few example problems to illustrate a specific skill for a struggling student.

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High School Math Skills Reviewer: Review mini lessons and/or question batches on granular math topics. Mini lessons go through 2-4 example problems that illustrate how to preform specific math skills. Question batches are sets of around 30 questions that drill students on math topics explained in the mini lessons. Reviews take an average of 20 minutes.

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Math Lesson Writer: Write comprehensive math lessons for students. Lessons are around 1000 to 2000 words and include lesson summaries. Contractors can choose from a variety of math topics from the elementary through the college level.

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Math Content Writer: Write short math lessons on granular math topics. Lessons are focused on working through a few examples to demonstrate specific skills to students who may be struggling with them.

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High School Math Practice Question Writer: Write sets of questions for students to practice solving specific math problem types. Question batches will be tied to mini lessons that explain math skills through a few example problems.

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Math Custom Practice Test Writer: Create practice exams for standardized math tests. These practice tests range from the elementary to college level. Contractors constantly review and revise these practice tests to ensure they maintain relevance and consistency when compared to their standardized test requirements.

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High School Math Expert Q&A: Answer high school level math homework questions, sometimes directly from students. The library of available questions includes pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus problems.

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Math Expert Q&A: Answer general math homework questions either directly from students or from the in-house team. The problems are usually at the elementary or middle school level.

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STEM Expert Reviewer: Review answers to short STEM-related homework questions for accuracy and quality. Questions usually take an average of 20 minutes to review. A portion of questions come directly from students struggling with their work.

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