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As a teacher, you are constantly swamped with lesson planning, grading, communicating with parents, etc. Study.com can help you save time, money, and stress - all while increasing student engagement and performance!

Flipping the Classroom

A popular and enduring trend in the education world is flipping the classroom. In this model, the teacher creates videos covering content that would normally be taught in class. Students watch the videos at home on their own time and come to class the next day prepared to dive deeper into the topic. Class time is then spent on applying knowledge, working on projects, personalized learning work, and so on.

Overall, teachers gain the benefit of more time to do more engaging activities with students than covering content. There is also a variation known as the ''in-class flip,'' which involves showing the video content in class at one station that students rotate through. While this version doesn't necessarily free up class time, it does give teachers more opportunity to differentiate learning. For example, one station could cover past material for students who still need help.

Evidence indicates that the flipped classroom model can have a significant impact on student engagement and performance. In a 2014 survey of 2,358 teachers, 90% of teachers saw a positive change in student engagement after flipping their classroom. Further, 71% stated that their students' grades improved as well.

How Study.com Helps You Flip Your Classroom

We take care of the video content so that you don't have to! We have over 15,000 videos created by subject matter experts. Each video lesson is 5-10 minutes long and covers a single topic with a detailed explanation and easy-to-understand examples. That way, students can focus on one concept at a time and commit it to memory using the relatable examples.

You can easily use our lessons to flip your classroom by assigning them to students to watch at home or showing them in class. Our lessons are available on any device with an internet connection. Each video lesson has a corresponding quiz that you can assign to students, or, you can print out a worksheet version and hand it out in class.

Watch this video to see for yourself how effective and efficient flipping your classroom can be with Study.com.

Study.com also has a massive library of text lessons, lesson plans, flashcards, and other resources to help you save time and simplify your curriculum planning. Learn more about how to use Study.com in your classroom. Or, click here to reactivate your subscription today!

How Real Teachers Use Study.com

''I have had a positive experience flipping the classroom with Study.com. I see that students have a better understanding of the material after they watch Study.com videos.''

- Lauris Nicholson (Read her success story!)

''I have been using Study.com to explain concepts better. The videos are short and very to the point. The students have enjoyed them and I have seen an increase in their scores. This website is great!''

- Arisbeth Cortez

''I use Study.com in my 7th grade room. I print off the video transcript and make the bolded words blank on a word document. Then I pass them out to the students and watch the video. Students fill in the words as the video goes along. Then I have them answer the questions I created. Then we take the quiz.''

- Joshua Broadwell

''Nothing out there can put the interest back in to learning like Study.com does. Kids don't laugh while they are learning from a textbook like they do from Study.com. Study.com stimulates, teaches, and puts life back into learning.''

- Jacquelyn Thedford

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By Meghan Cooney
December 2017
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