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What Is Instant Answers?

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How Does Instant Answers Work?

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Types of Questions to Ask

You can ask questions about the following:

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How to Get the Best Answer

Be specific and clear with your question. You want to include all the information your tutor will need to understand your question and respond accurately. On the flip side, you also want to be concise with your question. Your tutor will only be able to answer one question at a time, so the question you submit should have one clear objective.

We recommend reading through your question to judge if it will make sense to someone other than you - maybe even pass it by a friend or parent! Here are some examples of questions and their answers to help you see why clarity and context is essential.

Student doing homework

Example of a vague question

Question: How can we say the topic is so important?

Answer: The ability to analyze the importance of any topic is important. A topic's importance might come from how it impacts a population or environment. It might come from how the topic applies to human nature or the lessons it carries.

Without having more information on the specific topic to which you are referring, it is difficult to answer your question more precisely. Please submit another question with more details (including the lesson title if appropriate) for a more detailed response.

Example of a specific question

Question: Is it a violation of a person's Fourth Amendment right if law enforcement uses an electronic device (tort) to establish probable cause?

Answer: It can be but that depends on the particulars of the individual case. Usually law enforcement is required to obtain a warrant before conducting electronic surveillance, meaning probable cause must be established first. But the particulars of an individual case and the jurisdiction may allow for exceptions to this. This is an interesting area because in recent years since the Homeland Security Dept. was established, the federal government (NSA) has been allowed to place cameras on city streets, intercept email and monitor phone activity without individual warrants. You can see that the expectation of privacy (4th Amendment rights) has changed greatly in recent years. Here are two sources for more info on electronic surveillance.

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By Meghan Cooney
March 2017

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