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The U.S. suffers from $1.26 trillion in student loan debt, with the average student forking over $350 each month in payments. wants to help your students build a strong foundation in personal finance at an early age by providing them with free access to our world renowned Personal Finance Course!

Help YOUR Students Prepare for the Future

A leading global financial services firm, Guardian is on a mission to help students develop the financial skills needed to better their future. To promote financial empowerment, Guardian is sponsoring scholarships for students to learn personal finance on Financial skills are paramount in today's economy, yet few schools still teach them. This scholarship gives you the opportunity to teach students how to manage, invest, and protect their finances at an early age.


Finance 102: Personal Finance is a college-level course that can be completed in as little as 12 hours of total study time. This highly informative and concise course can blend seamlessly into any classroom environment and provide a lifetime worth of financial literacy in a unit as short as two weeks, or be taught over an entire grading period.

Each of the 95 engaging video and text lessons has a corresponding quiz to help students master the material, and they will demonstrate that mastery with a proctored final exam taken completely online. The course also includes flashcards and practice tests to help students review.

This personal finance scholarship gives students access to our most expensive membership plan for 3 full months, a value of $600. Express your interest today to give your students invaluable life skills that will serve them far beyond the classroom.

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With this scholarship, students will learn all the essential financial management skills, including how to:

  • Expertly manage personal accounts
  • Save for major purchases and emergencies
  • Navigate insurance, interest rates, and taxes
  • Invest responsibly and effectively
  • Build a comfortable retirement fund

Personal Financial Management

For a full list of topics, you can view the Finance 102: Personal Finance course page. This course is recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the nation's leading authority on higher education policy. ACE evaluates the quality and rigor of nontraditional forms of learning. After completing the proctored final, students will have earned college credit eligible for transfer to over 2,000 colleges and universities in ACE's network.

Progress Tracking for Teachers

To help guide students through the course, participating teachers will be provided free teacher accounts, which will include Virtual Classrooms. With this feature, you can invite students to a classroom and assign lessons to an entire classroom at once. This makes it easy to show lessons in class, then assign additional lessons as homework for students to watch later.

Virtual Classrooms keeps tracks of student progress in a comprehensive gradebook that's easy to navigate. You can see if students have watched videos and completed quizzes you have assigned, as well as view all of your students' scores in a single place. Our student tracking features make it simple and easy to integrate courses into your regular curriculum and schedule.

For more information on administrative capabilities, view our FAQs on Virtual Classrooms.

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Testimonials about the Personal Finance Scholarship

''Most of the information I learned in personal finance will stay with me for life.''

- Michael Reinhart

''I enjoyed the course. Overall it gave a good overview of managing and caring for your own financial well-being. I think this course is especially well suited for younger adults who are just graduating, and moving out on their own. Since it covers a lot of information that some do not know or consider when making early life decisions.''

- Airrick Lee

''It was a very concise summary of many of the most important things relating to my future financial life. Highly recommended!''

- Emily Krizek

''I appreciated learning some practical life skills related things which I didn't learn in my high school coursework. ''

- Wyatt Gilleland

''I extremely enjoyed this course…every high school kid should be required to learn this. The site was everything I was looking for. Easy to navigate and easily accessible on my phone. Great short lessons make it easy to stay focus.''

- Felix Tejada

''I loved the format of being able to choose a video or read the text. I like the videos personally because the images help things to stick in my memory. I also like the quizzes being short after each chapter and then the final chapter exam. I feel it really helps me learn things and remember what I've learned….The site is set up well and easy to use.''

- Cinthia Sanchez

By Meghan Cooney
November 2017
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