How Far Can the Sunda Flying Lemur Glide?


Fun fact or fiction? The Sunda flying lemur can glide the length of two football fields. Do you think that's true? Keep reading to find out if it's a fun fact or fiction.

Fun Fact or Fiction?

The Sunda flying lemur can glide the length of two football fields. Can this creature really go that far? Find out below!

The Answer

This is fiction. These lemurs can glide about the length of one football field but couldn't make it across two in one glide.



On average, the Sunda flying lemur glides 330 feet at once. That's almost the full length of a football field, which is about 360 feet long. However, the longest glide ever recorded for one of these lemurs was 446 feet.

Sunda flying lemurs have a patagium between their arms, which is the flap of skin that gives them the ability to glide. All they have to do is spread the patagium out so it can then catch air. As it does, they can glide between trees.

Being able to glide through the tree tops is an important adaptation for these lemurs. They can be awkward and clumsy on land so by gliding from one tree to the next, they can avoid having to spend much time on the ground.

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By Jessica Lyons
October 2018
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