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HRCI recertification is required every three years, and many people recertify by earning credits for professional development activities. Read on to learn how to earn credits with, an approved recertification credit provider.

HRCI Certification

If you're new to working in human resources you might not be familiar with HRCI certification. HRCI is the HR Certification Institute, which offers seven different certifications. Certification shows employers that you're an accredited professional who's dedicated to HR and committed to staying current in the field. The specific certification pursued is based on experience and level of education, with options available for recent graduates through senior-level professionals. To become certified, you must also pass a specific certification exam, as well as pay application and exam fees.

HRCI Recertification

Certified professionals must recertify every three years to maintain their HRCI credential. This provides evidence that they're staying current in their profession, which is one of the goals of the HRCI. Professionals can recertify through their professional accomplishments and by completing professional development activities. While you're limited in the number of credits you can earn for professional achievements, you're not limited in the credits that you can earn for professional development activities.

The number of hours required to recertify differs based on which certification you hold, such as the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and/or Global Professional in Human Resources credential (GPHR). Typically, a recertification requires 60 credits, but some of the more specific credentials might require a certain number of business-related or global-related credits.


Reporting Recertification Activities

While completing activities for recertification is essential, professionals must also remember to report them to the HRCI! Every HRCI-certified professional has an online profile, where he or she can record recertification events and credits so as not to lose track of them. HRCI notes that when recertifying through the institute's providers, you should keep track of the activity identification (ID) number, also called the recertification credit or program code. Once completed, add the activity ID to your HRCI account for credit.

To recertify, professionals must send in an application and payment for their official recertification to be reviewed. Recertification of one certification is $150, with each additional recertification costing $50. If your status has been suspended, there's an additional $100 fee. Recertification Courses

HRCI has an approved provider directory that allows professionals to easily search the 1300+ listed entries. For example, you can search for providers based on their locations or names. is one of the approved providers. It was founded with the mission of making education accessible and offers online, video-based courses. These courses are available on almost any topic and can be used to learn more about a subject, earn college credit, or, as in the case of HRCI, earn professional development credits.

You can search through HRCI's pre-approved activities for courses using filters that allow you to find the activity that best fits your goals. Typing into the keyword search box reveals over 100 different activities that can be completed for professional development. You can then narrow your search by credit types such as general, business, global, or California credits. The search can also be refined by credit amounts, varying from one to more than ten credits.


General Course Information courses that count toward recertification vary in subject; they include topics like communication or presentation skills, accounting, and harassment in the workplace. More advanced HR professionals may enjoy Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in Business and Technical Writing: Skills Development & Training. Those seeking skills specific to business can pursue other options, including Business 112: Operations Management.

If you find a teacher that you particularly enjoy, you can even search the HRCI recertification options by presenter. All of the courses are self-paced, so they can be completed when it's most convenient for you. They consist of an overview, a syllabus, and a breakdown of the lessons and their average length.

Additionally, you can also filter searches for professional licensure courses. HRCI continuing education is one of the ''goals'' filters; for those prepping for initial licensure, there are also exam prep courses such as the PHR, GPHR, or SPHR Certification Exam Study Guides, among many others.

Membership Plans

There are several different membership plans to choose from, and all of them start with a free trial. Plans start at $39.99 per month and are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you can change or cancel your plan at any time. All of the plans allow access to all of the courses, which also gives you the opportunity to explore other subjects that may interest you, with options ranging from cultural studies to engineering. Your employer may be willing to reimburse you for your membership costs if they value your HRCI certification.

Other Recertification Credit Options

Certified professionals do not have to complete professional development activities in order to be recertified. They also have the option to re-take the HRCI exam, though that may prove costlier than recertifying by credits. Additionally, there are other ways to earn credits beside professional development activities. As mentioned previously, you can earn up to 40 credits for professional achievements, which can include:

  • Holding HR memberships
  • Performing leadership activities
  • Starting new HR-related programs at work and more


HRCI offers many recertification resources for professionals. These include a handbook, information on how to submit recertification activities, and low-cost or no-cost recertification activities.

If you're a member of a local, state, or national HR organization, check to see if they also offer activities that count toward recertification. In addition to memberships that count toward professional achievement, they may have links to convention and meeting seminars or webinars that might count toward professional development credits.

Final Thoughts

HRCI certification shows that you're a dedicated, up-to-date human resources professional who has met certain standards regarding experience and education as well as passed an exam. Recertification is required every three years, and many professionals choose to recertify by completing professional development activities. is an approved recertification provider and a convenient resource that allows you to earn credits according to your schedule. With a variety of course topics available, you can choose classes that not only add to your knowledge of the human resources field but also appeal to your particular interests.

By Michelle Garrigan-Durant
February 2018
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