How to Fit Learning into Busy Holiday Schedules


You don't have to let your children's education take a back seat during the holiday season. Check out this blog post for our top tips for how to keep learning alive - even during the holidays.

Hectic Holidays

The holiday season is a busy one. Between gift shopping, holiday parties, family get-togethers, weather-related travel challenges, and a general sense of the winter blues, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of your responsibilities. But one thing you can't drop the ball on (no New Year's Eve pun intended) is your children's education. So how do you manage to fit learning into the hectic holiday season? Read on for our suggestions.

The holiday season can be busy and hectic

Learn on the Go

Even on a normal day, your children probably spend a lot of time in transit, running from school to extracurricular activities to playdates to home. But this (not insignificant) chunk of time doesn't have to go to waste. Given today's educational technology, studying on the go is a breeze. Your children can read on a tablet, use virtual flashcards on a smartphone, and even take practice tests. There are plenty of learning-focused game applications that you can download to make the learning process fun and mobile during the holiday season.

Learn a Little at a Time

There are many ''little'' moments in the day that can be utilized for learning. Starting tomorrow morning, pay attention to how often you let an entire five, 10, or even 15 minutes pass during which nothing much gets done, like while driving home after school, standing in line shopping for holiday gifts, or waiting for dinner to come out of the oven. All of these minutes add up.

Chances are, your children are already seeking distractions and entertainment during moments like these, reaching for any available form of technology to relieve their boredom. But why can't they reach for a holiday-themed book, or one of those educational apps we mentioned above? Even five minutes of practicing multiplication tables (or anything else) can make a difference. Consider keeping an educational stocking stuffer, like a Rubik's cube or a Sudoku book, on hand at all times for moments like these.

A child reads with her mother during the holiday season

Integrate Studies into Your Family Life

Learning can take many forms, not just reading, solving math problems, or writing. One effective way of fitting learning into your busy holiday schedule is to integrate it into your family's daily life.

For instance, you could talk about the topics your children are studying during a holiday dinner. Ask them to explain what they just learned about the solar system and winter sky. Or, for example, if your daughter is learning about marine life, consider taking the entire family on a holiday getaway to an aquarium to see sea creatures in action. On the weekends, watch documentaries that relate to concepts your children are studying, or work together to use math to calculate a gift budget or figure out how to most efficiently wrap your presents. You can use your Christmas tree as a mini-nature lesson or holiday card writing as a chance to practice cursive.

Include learning in every part of your daily life, and you'll find that it isn't that hard after all to keep the learning going - even during the holidays. We wish you a happy - and educational - holiday season!

A child reinforces learning at an aquarium

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
November 2018
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