How to Talk to Your Kids About the SATs

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Communicating with your kids about life's big milestones is an important part of parenting, and the SAT is just one of those key benchmarks. This blog post should help you get the conversation started.

Talking 'Bout My SAT

If your kids are in the first year or two of high school, approaching the time when they should start thinking about preparing for the SATs, it's a good idea to talk to them not only about the test, but also about their thoughts and fears and your expectations. Here are a few tips for unique ways you can get the conversation started.

See an SAT Coach Together

Often times, students seek outside help during the process of preparing for the SATs. That's why there are SAT coaches whose occupation is solely based on being an expert on the SATs. Consider scheduling a consultation appointment and visiting one of these coaches with your kids to get some preliminary advice and tips about the test. Together you can:

  • Ask the coach any burning questions
  • Get basic preparation advice
  • Start determining a plan of attack for studying for the SATs

Parents and kids can see an SAT coach together

Watch SAT Videos

Did you know that there's an entire genre of videos on the Internet where students who did a good job on the SATs offer their advice to viewers about how to achieve similar success on the test? As an introduction to the topic, consider watching one or two of these videos with your kids and discussing what you saw. Let it open the road to talking about your kids' expectations, hopes, and plans for the SATs.

Parents can use internet videos to talk to their kids about the SAT

Take a Practice Test Together

Of course your kids are going to take many SAT practice tests throughout the course of preparing for the real thing, but one fun way that you can introduce the topic of the SATs is to take a simple, short, free, online practice test together. You can compare your results, talk about your target scores, and laugh about how little you remember from high school. Having a light conversation like this should help set the tone for your kids to feel comfortable talking about the SATs with you in a low-pressure environment.

Offer Tools for Stress Management

Finally, we recommend making it a point to talk to your kids about stress management early on in your conversations about the SATs. It's incredibly important that your kids have the tools to deal with exam stress, which will inevitably come up at some point during the SAT prep process. Make sure that the lines of communication are open and that your kids feel comfortable coming to you if they have any concerns. Consider offering a few tips for things they can do, like meditation and exercise, to manage their stress independently.

Talk to your kids about stress management and the SAT

Good luck with talking to your kids about taking and preparing for the SATs. We hope you find these tips helpful.

For additional information that can help your kids get ready for the SATs, check out these test prep resources.

By Daisy Rogozinsky
July 2019

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