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If you're a reporter who needs background information for a story or some added detail for a feature piece, can be your source. We have thousands of lessons and articles on a wide variety of topics and in all subjects.

How Reporters Can Use Lessons

Writing an article on a whistleblower and need the history of the Whistleblower Act? Looking for background information on the 4th of July? Working on an anniversary story about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and need some facts? You can find information on all of those topics on

Reporters looking to get background information on everything from the Civil Rights Movement to climate change should search's library of lessons. Our lessons can be used to provide context for your stories, and since they're created by subject matter experts you can trust the quality and accuracy of the content.

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Here are just some examples of the type of topics you can find on

Additional Content That Can Help Reporters

Reporters will also find our articles to be useful sources of information. We have thousands of articles on careers, degrees, majors and schools that could provide relevant information to many different subjects.

For example, if you're writing about the importance of STEM careers, our articles STEM Jobs that Are In-Demand or STEM Careers in the Military could provide information of interest.

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Free Media Access

If you're a reporter, can give you free access to the site so you can view full lessons. In order to request access, email with your name and the publication(s) you work for.

Citing in Articles

If you use content in one of your articles, you can attribute the information to - no need to mention specific authors. When possible, please include a link back to the site or particular lesson or article you're referencing.

Visit today to start researching materials for your stories.

By Jessica Lyons
April 2018 updates media resource

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