Learn Personal Financial Management with a Scholarship to for Guardian Employees


Guardian is excited to provide an opportunity for employees to master personal financial management and earn valuable college credit. Learn how to make your money work for you with three months of free access to!

Scholarship Details

Guardian is sponsoring three full months of's College Accelerator membership for current employees in the Appleton office. You will start by developing crucial financial skills as you work through Finance 102: Personal Finance. With lessons on everything from personal credit to tax planning, you will build the confidence you need to manage your money effectively.

After completing the finance course, you can explore's extensive library of lessons and study aids. Looking to earn or complete your college degree? We have 89 college courses recommended for credit that transfers to over 2,000 schools. There's no better way to be financially savvy than earning college credit at absolutely no cost to you!

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  • 3-month free College Accelerator membership
  • Finish Personal Finance course first
  • Then, enjoy full access
  • Choose from 89 credit-granting courses

How the Scholarship Benefits You

Solid financial management skills are the key to unlocking a safe, successful future, yet very few people take the time to master these essential skills. Guardian wants to support your financial empowerment so that you can achieve your goals.

Your free access to includes fun video lessons, quizzes, practice tests, flashcards, and more. A Success Coach will provide you with personalized attention and guidance as you progress through your courses.

With three months of's College Accelerator membership, you can complete a total of six college courses! Watch lessons anywhere you have Internet access and take proctored finals from the comfort of your own home. You can transfer the credit you earn to your choice of over 2,000 colleges and universities.

Skills You'll Master

By completing the personal finance course, you will develop the skills to:

  • Expertly manage your personal accounts
  • Save for major purchases and emergencies
  • Navigate insurance, interest rates, and taxes
  • Invest responsibly and effectively
  • Build a comfortable retirement fund

Learn personal finance with a scholarship

What Recipients Are Saying

''I think it's the perfect way to gain college credit, especially for a working adult such as myself.''

- Jon

''Most of the information I learned in personal finance will stay with me for life.''

- Michael

''I'm a huge fan of the format! Being able to take proctored exams at home is extremely convenient. The videos, subtitles, and flashcards make the courses easy to digest...The flexibility of self-paced courses and exam schedules is a great format for students who are busy with work or family.''

- Juliana

Apply to Be Considered for the Scholarship!

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a current Guardian employee.

Academic Award Provider

The academic award is provided by Guardian. The application process is completely online.

By Meghan Cooney
December 2017
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