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Announcing the first recipient of's Grant for Teachers! Meet Ashley Cox, an innovative English teacher who works tirelessly to make education engaging and impactful. Hear how she plans to use the $1,000 grant and membership to benefit her students!

The Grant for Teachers

At, our mission is to make education affordable and effective, which is why we created the Grant for Teachers. The grant awards two teachers a year $1,000 to put towards supplies, curriculum development, or projects that will make a positive impact on their students. Winners also receive a free annual Teacher Edition membership, giving them access to our entire library of video lessons, professional development courses, lesson plans, printable worksheets, and more.

December 2018 Grant Recipient

Due to her passion, dedication, and innovative spirit, Ashley Cox was selected as the recipient of the Grant for Teachers for the December 2018 round. Ashley is a 10th grade English teacher and Department Head at The Howard School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She became a teacher to have a positive impact on the education of intercity youth.

Ashley Cox, Grant Winner

Every day, Ashley dedicates herself to providing students with the lessons, resources, and support they need to grow their reading and writing skills. In her words, 'I teach because I love reading, literacy, and writing, but I also teach because I love young people and am dedicated to ensuring that they learn.' She often uses her own money to purchase materials for the classroom and posts projects online for people to donate funds or books.

Ashley plans on using the grant to purchase culturally relevant novels and resources to help her students learn English as well as appreciate the breadth and beauty of world literature. She also intends to purchase chart paper and markers to create a writing gallery that will showcase student writing.

How Ashley Uses Technology to Differentiate Instruction

According to Ashley, the number one issue teachers face in the classroom today is differentiating instruction for all levels. With students' academic skills ranging from third grade to college freshman levels, Ashley struggles to find the resources needed to individualize instruction that each student can master. She overcomes this obstacle by taking advantage of online texts of varying levels as well as her class Chromebook cart.

Ashley uses technology to cater to student needs by supplementing assignments with additional notes, videos, and alternate texts, or by providing enrichment materials and opportunities. For example, she assigned AP students a project that was too high-level to complete individually but became possible when they put their heads together and researched online. As Ashley says, 'Overall, technology provides resources and many opportunities for collaboration that are not always available when technology is not accessible.'

Congratulations, Ashley! is honored and excited to help you outfit your classroom and provide for your students.

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If you are a full-time teacher looking for funding for your classroom, we encourage you to apply today for the Grant for Teachers! The next deadline for applications is March 1, 2019.

By Meghan Cooney
December 2018

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