Mountain View Working Scholars Sample Degree Plan updates

This degree plan is an example of the courses you'll take as you use to earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State University through the Mountain View Working Scholars program.

Degree Plan Overview

The degree plan is designed for students who have not previously earned any college credit. If you have any prior college credit, it will be applied to your degree plan and allow you to take fewer courses.

Your success coach will help you create a personal degree plan based on your goals and your previous college credit. Your personal degree plan may contain fewer or different courses from the ones listed below. Courses will provide all of these courses at no cost to students in Mountain View Working Scholars. The courses are fully online and can be completed on your own schedule.

All courses lead to 3 college credits. Each course has a proctored final exam that is a large component of your overall course grade. You can take up to two proctored final exams per month with your license. These courses are accepted as transfer credit at Thomas Edison State University.

Thomas Edison State University Courses

Thomas Edison State University

The following requirements will be completed through Thomas Edison State University. We will encourage you to take Thomas Edison's credit-granting exams, called TECEPs. TECEPs cost only $75-225 per exam (compared with $1,497 for a standard course). Students can study for their TECEP exams on and then take the exam online through Thomas Edison State University. Students can use their licenses for unlimited access to study materials for their exams.


The final course needed for graduation is the capstone course. For the bachelor's degree in business this course is Strategic Management. This course is 3 credits and costs $1,497 for students living in California.

Learn More About Mountain View Working Scholars's Mountain View Working Scholars is a scholarship program designed for anyone living or working in Mountain View to earn a bachelor's degree with all of the costs covered. You can learn more about the program or sign up by clicking here.

By Jessica Bayliss
July 2018

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