Not Ready for a Real-Life Jurassic World? Study These Subjects to Prepare


Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years. But as Jurassic World teaches us, it's never too late to make a comeback! Here's how you survive when dinosaurs rule the world - again.

Dinosaurs are cool. We like learning about them, watching movies about them, and dressing up like them for Halloween. But are we ready for a real-life Jurassic World? Probably not.


If dinosaurs were back roaming around, you would want to be prepared. For example, you would want to know that a lot of dinosaurs had claws, and to take it a step further, raptors had a 'killing claw' that helped them pierce their prey and hold them down. Lovely. You don't want to try and make a raptor your new BFF.

You'd also want to know how to survive in the great outdoors. If the movies have taught us anything, it's that dinosaurs keep you on the run. Having a basic knowledge of what you'll encounter out there would be essential to your survival.

To fully prepare for a real-life Jurassic World scenario, check out the subjects below!

Dinosaurs 101

Developing a solid understanding of the classifications of dinosaurs is a good place to start. You'll want to learn which ones had large claws ready to spear fish and which ones were more like harmless old-school giraffes. That way, when they come back to life, you know which dinosaurs you can hug - and which ones you need to run from.

Nice, big dinosaur

These street smarts can be helpful, so we recommend you start your dino education here. In the dinosaur world, bigger doesn't always mean meaner, and some species are smarter than you might think. Also, a number of predators, like the 20 - 45 foot and 16,000-pound Carcharodontosaurid, hunted by smell, not sight. You could probably escape by standing still, but only if you had showered recently. Even dinosaurs get insulted by bad personal hygiene.

Jurassic Park Study Guide

This is where the Jurassic Park franchise began! Michael Crichton's novel dives deep into the dangers of a bringing dinosaurs back to life. While they're not all bad, they're not all good either. The T. Rex knows it's bigger and stronger than you, and it'll do what it takes to stay on top of the food chain.

By immersing yourself in the original Jurassic Park, you'll learn about various dinosaurs and how exactly they can hunt you. You'll also learn from the characters in the book. Some made not-so-smart decisions, and others demonstrated incredible survival skills. Check out the study guide here, and take notes!

T. Rex dinosaur


Now that you have a foundation of dinosaur knowledge, it's time to get down and dirty with what paleontologists have learned from the fossils of dinosaurs. To prepare for real-life Jurassic World, become an expert on all the species and their characteristics, because it's important to know that the T. Rex could exert six tons of force with each bite when they are about to munch down on you.

We recommend these flashcards because they also link to relevant lessons, so you can study the exact concept more in-depth. There are also flashcards with photos, so you can learn which dinosaurs are friends, not foes. But watch out - the big ones can still stomp on you no matter how friendly they are.

Earth Science

Rocks, landforms, weather, running water - all of these topics will help you keep your bearings when you have to retreat to the woods and live off the land. Like we said, those dinosaurs will keep you on the run. That reminds us - you should also check out Man vs. Wild. If we had to pick one person to survive the dino takeover, we'd bet our money on Bear Grylls! Consider him your new role model.

Dinosaur with lots of teeth

After learning about Earth science, top yourself off with some geology. Knowing which water sources are safe can be a very good thing, and it can't hurt to be too prepared for real-life Jurassic World, wouldn't you agree?

Did we tickle your science bone? Browse through our catalogue of online science courses to see what subject you'd like to explore next.

By Meghan Cooney
June 2018
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