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Ten new college courses recognized by more than 2000 schools are now available online on These offerings will bring you closer to your college degree.

Brand New Courses

Sometimes life seems like a game where you are juggling too many balls: family, friends, work, education. The team at recognizes this struggle and strives to make education fit in with everything else. And part of that is helping you pursue college degree online with transferable college credit.

We are excited to announce that we have recently added new courses to our subject library and reached over 100 ACE & NCCRS credit-recommended courses.

Now you can explore the following new and updated courses:

These new courses add to over 100 ACE & NCCRS credit-recommended online college courses that you can complete and transfer to over 2000 schools. You can find our full listing here. We are working to bring more credit-recommended college courses to you every day.

Lab at Home


Online learning can be challenging - while it gives you control over your pace, it creates new obstacles. There are some hands-on activities that you can't easily replicate at home. Laboratory experiments for science courses fall into this category. That's why we partnered with Labster to offer our first ever online lab course - Biology 101L: Intro to Biology with Lab. This new course brings the lab to you and is credit-recommended by NCCRS for 4 lower division credits.

And now, something like a lab isn't only replicated through a virtual platform - it's enhanced! Labster's award-winning program allows you to see experiment results and change-over-time effects that might take weeks, or are hard to reproduce in a physical lab environment. Skip the messy kitchen experiments or at-home lab kits, but still get the full lab experience.

Get Ahead, and Get Credit

Math shouldn't be hard. Bite-sized lessons, engaging videos and real-life examples help you understand what seems like complex math concepts. You will find this type of content in our first credit-recommended developmental math courses Math 97: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Math 98: Math for Everyday Life, and Math 99: Essentials of Algebra and Statistics.

Taking these courses online makes an enormous difference because you can move through them at your own pace and ensure that each concept sticks. They are filled with video lessons that will help you tackle those difficult concepts and complete your math requirement. According to a 2016 Public Policy Institute of California study, students are often caught up in remedial courses, slowing down their progress towards their degree. In fact, only 16% of California community college students who were placed in remedial courses earned their college degree within six years. challenges this hurdle by offering these convenient credit-recommended remedial courses. Not only can you catch up and hone your math abilities with practical applications, but also you can get 4 associate credits approved by NCCRS that can be used towards an associate degree. Learn at your own pace with the video lessons in these courses - pause, take notes, and re-watch any concept that seems fuzzy.

A Nursing First

Academic and professional fields are constantly shifting, and nursing is no exception. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an above-average job growth of 16% for the nursing profession from 2014 to 2024. There is no better time to begin learning! is expanding its credit-recommended courses in this discipline.

Nursing 301: Nursing Informatics is our first credit-recommended nursing course, and NCCRS approved it for 3 upper division credits. You will learn what technology nurses use to track information and to ensure adequate patient care. Understanding these important mechanisms is a crucial step towards becoming a nurse. This course can also help current nurses advance their careers.

Better Courses, More Credit

Just because a course is credit-recommended and available to students, doesn't mean that we stop improving it. We want to offer you the best learning experience possible. That's why we have revised our courses and earned new credit-recommendations for them. They are listed below.

Learn about leadership in a workplace, and work towards your business degree with Business 209: Mentoring & Leadership Development in the Workplace. If you are more interested in legislation, check out Business 314: Employment Law.


Whether you are fulfilling your language requirement or learning Spanish for the first time,'s video lessons bring the concepts and vocabulary to life in our credit-recommended Spanish 101: Beginning Spanish, and Spanish 102: Intermediate Spanish courses.

Environmental Science 101: Environment and Humanity is our first college-level environmental science course! You will learn about ecosystems, how humans interact with the world around them, and how policy impacts and changes these interactions.

Over 100 Courses on Even More Subjects

These courses add to over 100 college credit-recommended courses on that you can take and transfer to over 2000 colleges and universities. Whether you are studying at home, waiting for a meeting to start or commuting to work, you can complete these courses and make progress towards achieving your academic goals.

Explore all credit-recommended's courses here!

By Ryan Villard
September 2017 updates college credit

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