Survey Says: Election Knowledge updates

'' Survey Says'' polled teachers, students and parents in October on the leading issues in education during COVID. These results showed where there are teaching and learning deficiencies amongst K-12 subjects. Continue reading for more insights.

Education & The Elections

Every election season, sees an increase in interest in our election curriculum and teaching resource, so we set out to learn more about teachers, students and parents election knowledge. The survey revealed little agreement about who is responsible for educating the country's students about the election process.

An infographic from has compiled free resources created by our experts to help teachers during the election season:

Teachers can also use these video lessons to help their students learn about the elections: Survey Says is a monthly research project conducted by to provide regular snapshots of teachers, parents and students' perspectives on the world of learning. Survey Says research surveyed 231 K-12 teachers, 201 K-12 students and 146 parents from October 1-5, 2020 to examine topical issues related to education, election knowledge and the COVID Learning Cliff.

By Jessica Lyons
October 2020 updates survey

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