Study.comer of the Month: Jordyn Deems updates

We're excited to announce that this month's Study.comer of the Month is Jordyn Deems, a 10th-grade homeschool student based in North Richland Hills in the Dallas-Forth area in Texas. Jordyn's mom, Janine, has been a teacher for 18 years and a homeschool parent for 6. Together, they've been using for homeschool for these past two years.

Why Choose Over Other Homeschool Options

Jordyn's mom, Janine, explains that 'a lot of other curriculums and online programs…had a lot of busy work built into their program that you had to do to get to the next level or the next assignment.' This wasn't a great fit for the Deems family, as Jordyn 'didn't need an hour-long assignment [or] busy work to master the concept.'

Beyond that, the Deems found other online homeschool options 'dry and boring.' 'I knew there had to be something better out there,' says Janine. 'I just didn't give up and luckily I found and [Jordyn] is back to loving learning, enjoying the process of learning, and I think…it gave her a sense of purpose.' Rather than following a traditional public school path, Jordyn is studying subjects she finds fun, like criminal justice, psychology, and sociology.

Further, the ability to earn dual credit gave Jordyn 'the intrinsic motivation to enjoy school again.' 'And she's also retaining the information, which is huge. She was going through the motions in the other programs, but she wasn't retaining it,' her mom said. Now, Janine gets to enjoy hearing Jordyn talking about what she's learned and discussing it with her friends.

From her end, Jordyn points to's engaging videos and thorough explanations as reasons why she prefers to use over other options. 'Study has done a really good job of keeping the lessons interesting and easy to understand,' says Jordyn.

How Dual Credit Works for Jordyn

One of the Deems' family's favorite things about is that Jordyn can earn college credit at the same time as doing her high school work. 'She's not going to waste those first couple of years of college…doing U.S. history and biology again,' explains Janine. 'Jordyn is getting to do both of them at the same time, so she's doing four years of college credits as her four years of high school… All of her classes that she takes through Study are going on her high school transcript as well as toward her college degree.' Thanks to the dual credit option offers, Jordyn is on track to graduate from both high school and college at 16, with no debt.

Flexibility and Independence

Jordyn's favorite thing about is the flexibility. Says Jordyn, 'I only do about two to three hours of schoolwork a day and there's no homework, so I have more time to do the things I love.'

From Janine's side, she appreciates that doesn't require as much work on her part as other programs have. 'What gave to me is…qualified teachers teaching every subject. I didn't have to be next to her kind of babysitting.' Janine can trust that Jordyn is getting great instruction and learning independently, and Janine can limit her participation only to the extent that Jordyn's lessons are interesting to her and she learns from them, too.

Why Jordyn Recommends

Says Jordyn, 'I recommend [] to every middle and high school student. It's so much more entertaining and fun to learn with Study. I love doing school on my phone. I can do it anywhere. I can do it in my bedroom and when we go run errands, I can get headphones and I can do school in the car or at the store… All of the lessons are straight to the point. They're fun and short. I learn everything I need to but it only takes two, three hours to get my whole day of school done.'

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
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