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In honor of October being Learning Disabilities Awareness month, we've chosen Keilah, an eighth grader with dyslexia and dysgraphia, as our'er of the Month. Learn how using for homeschooling as helped Keilah with her education.

What Makes Different?

Keilah is in eighth grade student who has dyslexia and dysgraphia and has been homeschooled since kindergarten. She and her mom, Kristi, have been using for about a year and base their entire homeschool curriculum on it. Kristi explained that there are a couple of reasons why she and her daughter love using provides auditory and visual learning through its engaging video lessons, which has been a huge benefit to Keilah. The videos are designed to break down complex topics into small, bite-sized chunks, which is also something that stood out to Kristi. She likes that the lessons are concise and don't have a lot of fluff in them.

'' caught my attention and kept my attention,'' Kristi said. ''It's a great, great homeschool program. I love it.''

Why Did You Choose

Kristi explained that typical homeschool curriculum can involve a lot of reading and writing. Because of Keilah's learning disability, getting schoolwork done was starting to take a lot of time. However, taps into the learning styles that work best for Keilah - visual and auditory - and has made it possible to learn materials without it taking as much time.

''I feel like frees up time for my other interests,'' Keilah said.

Although Keilah is able to spend less time studying with, it doesn't mean that she's learning less. Both Kristi and Keilah are able to feel confident that Keilah is mastering topics because of the quizzes at the end of each lesson. Each day, she can use the quizzes to test her knowledge, see the questions she got wrong, go over the material again and retake the quiz.'s format makes it possible to adapt schoolwork to Keilah's learning disability so she can be as successful as possible with her studies.

''A dyslexic learner takes a little more time and definitely note-taking is difficult in a classroom setting,'' Kristi said. ''[With] I feel like she's learning as good or better [than] with any other curriculum…that we've ever tried. I was constantly trying to find a best fit for her and I think I found it.''

Who Would You Recommend To?

Keilah said that she would recommend to her friends. She has friends who also have trouble learning and thinks they would benefit from just as much as she does.

''I think would be a great fit for just about any type of learning disability...,'' Kristi said. ''And the fact that it's great not to have just a pile of books on your desk. You can go to and get the lessons that you need for that day.'' offers resources, including complete curriculum, self-assessments and progress tracking, you can use to homeschool you child.

By Jessica Lyons
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