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Incorporate's financial literacy course into your curriculum and receive one year of for free, sponsored by Guardian Insurance. Help your students master the critical life skills of managing their finances and saving for the future.

The Financial Literacy Crisis

Nearly two-thirds of Americans can't pass a basic test of financial literacy. Poor financial literacy among Americans is mirrored in many worrying statistics. Over half of Americans don't have enough savings for 'rainy day funds'. Job applicants are turned for jobs due to poor financial profiles. Retirement accounts for almost half of all Americans contain less than $10,000 in savings. Poor financial literacy skills is an emergency.

Additionally, students understand the importance of financial literacy. They worry about debt and their financial futures. But they lack access to quality financial literacy courses that will help them gain the skills they need.

Free Financial Literacy Course for your Students

Teach's financial literacy curriculum in your classroom and help give your students the critical life skills they need to pay for college, buy a car, avoid crippling credit card debt, and more. The curriculum is sponsored by Guardian Insurance and includes:

  • FREE 1-year Teacher Edition license ($720 value)
  • FREE 90-day licenses for each student ($600 value per student)
  • Lesson plans and other teacher resources to help you integrate it into your classroom

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How is this different from other curriculum tools?

  • Innovative video format: Assign short 5-minute video lessons that can be watched online or on a mobile device
  • Easy to use: Load all of your students into our platform and assign lessons with the press of a button
  • Time-saving: Lesson plans and activity guides accompany the course so you can spend less time planning and more time teaching
  • Reporting: Run reports to track progress on individual classes or groups
  • More than financial literacy: Get full access to's massive library of lessons for a year

How it Works

  1. Teacher and students register using license codes provided by
  2. Assign students lessons in Finance 102: Personal Finance
  3. Students watch the lesson and complete each accompanying quiz
  4. Students complete all quizzes in the course within 90 days
  5. Bonus: Students who choose to complete the final proctored exam can earn transferable college credit

Topics Covered

The financial literacy course covers all of the topics your students need to start making important financial decisions today. Topics include:

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By Jessica Bayliss
November 2017 updates personal finance

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