Teachers Bearing the Financial Brunt

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Study.com surveyed teachers to understand the impact the pandemic and education crisis has had on their classroom spending related to their personal funds.

COVID's Impact on Teacher Spending

From risking their safety to help children learn in person to navigating a completely new way of online teaching, teachers have faced a myriad of challenges in the past year. On top of that, Study.com research indicates that teachers are bearing the financial brunt of the pandemic education crisis with 86 percent of K-12 teachers asked indicating they've used personal funds for classroom tools due to circumstances around COVID-19. And even more astonishing is that close to 20 percent of teachers surveyed have spent over $1,000 of their own money on their classroom this year.

What are teachers spending money on? Almost half (49 percent) of teachers surveyed said the most needed resource for their classroom in the spring is subscriptions to online learning platforms.

Teacher Spending Infographic

Study.com surveyed 101 K-12 teachers and 170 parents from November 13-18, 2020. Study.com's research provides regular snapshots of teachers, parents, and students' perspectives on the world of learning.

By Jessica Lyons
January 2021
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