Teachers: How to Get Funding for Your Classroom


A lack of classroom resources is an unfortunate norm, wherein teachers often purchase supplies out of pocket to fill the gap. Sound familiar? Before you make your next purchase, keep reading and discover how to get funding for your classroom.

Hey, Big Spender!

Money won't buy you happiness, but your classroom could still use more of it. You didn't enter the teaching profession with the idea of becoming a millionaire, but the amount of money you pour into field trips, books, technology, and pencils each school year is starting to take a toll on your bank account. So stop throwing your hard earned dollars away! Instead, apply the techniques below to raise money for your next classroom venture.

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Crowdfund for Supplies

It can be a challenge to ask for money, even when it's for a good cause. Over the last decade, we've witnessed a surge in crowdfunding that has made the soliciting process a bit easier. There's an abundance of platforms, each with different funding and disbursement guidelines. Amongst the many is Donor Choose, the number one crowdfunding choice for teachers.

To get started you request the items you need through Donor Choose, then ask family and friends to donate the money. Once you reach your goal, Donor Choose places the order and ships your supplies directly to your classroom. Frequently, Donor Choose matches donations and even sends thank you cards and updates to your donors throughout the project. As a result of Donor Choose's transparency and efficiency, 61% of projects are funded within 27 days.


Apply for a Classroom or Project Grant

Nonprofit organizations aren't the only ones who can apply for grants; there are just as many financial awards available for teacher and classroom projects. Most are specific to an activity, i.e., a class garden or leadership program, which makes for a simple search when exploring databases like Grants.Gov and Philanthropoy News Digest. Applying for grants may seem intimidating; however, the application and reporting processes are straightforward. Do a good job, and the donor may invite you back for a second round of funding.

Write and Sell a Classroom Book

Creating a product as a classroom is an excellent team-building exercise that can be both profitable and empowering. Decide on a theme or central message, then have your students write short stories, poems, and other literary pieces to compile into a book that can be sold online or locally at markets and fairs. Students will be excited to see their work in a real book, and you can count on their families and other teachers to be your first customers. To announce the book release and gain community support, organize a book reading or signing with the little authors as your VIP guests.

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Host a Restaurant Fundraiser

Everyone has to eat sometime so why not dedicate your next meal to a good cause? Many chain restaurants such as Panda Express and Chipotle Mexican Grill will allow you to host a school fundraising night and give a percentage of the profits earned to your cause.

Consider varying up the locations for your standing weekly meeting or develop an engaging tactic to attract as many customers as possible. When choosing a restaurant, location is everything. You want to select a space that will accommodate your guests and that will be easily accessible to your students and potential supporters. So consider places that are within walking distance or a short car ride away.

Ready to get funding for your classroom? Start today by applying for Study.com's Grant for Teachers.

By Whitney Stovall
February 2019
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