The Best Types of Homework to Assign Over the Holidays


If you're worried about assigning your students homework over the holidays, this blog post is for you! Check out five interesting ideas for types of homework your students will enjoy.

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Holiday homework can be a bit of a bummer for students. They just want to run around in their snow with their friends, not sit at home and read a book they're not interested in. But, as a teacher, you still want to keep your students academically engaged over the holiday break. Here are five types of engaging projects we recommend assigning over winter break that your students can have fun with.

1. A Research Project on a Fun Topic

The word 'research' doesn't always call to mind excitement, but most of us are familiar with the feeling of excitedly looking up information about a topic we love. That's research! Consider assigning your students a free-form research project that they can do on a topic of their choice (approved by you before the start of the holiday break, of course). Allow them to report on the topic they choose through various media including oral presentations, PowerPoints, Prezis, or something else they find exciting. The idea here is to let them follow their own interests and imagination to help them find joy in learning. Topic ideas can include:

  • A favorite sport
  • An interesting city
  • A recently released film
  • A family member's life history
  • A beloved animal

The possibilities are endless!

A child does a research project over the holidays

2. A Craft Project

One of the most exciting types of homework is the hands-on craft project that lets students get messy and use their creativity. If you've recently finished studying a specific topic in your class, try assigning your students a craft project based on that topic. For example, they can create a diorama of a science concept or a poster about something they learned in math. If you've recently taught a book in your class, your students can create something that reflects one of the characters in the book. As long as they can use their hands and have fun with it, this project won't be a drag over the holidays.

A child does a craft project as homework over the holidays

3. A Science Project

The winter holidays are a great time for introducing many different types of science concepts including storms, snow, the solstice, and more. Assigning a science project will allow your students to harness their natural curiosity about the environment around them to ask questions and make hypotheses about the world at hand. Accessible at-home science projects include:

  • Making homemade frost
  • Creating fake snow
  • Crafting a snowball launcher
  • Wildlife observations

4. A Field Trip

Chances are your students are already likely to go on a trip of some sort - near or far - during their winter holiday break. Why not think of this as a voluntary 'field trip'? Assign your students a field trip of their choice over the holidays and ask them to write a short essay about where they went, what they liked, what they didn't like, and what they learned. To help take off the pressure, you can offer some easy, accessible field trip ideas like:

  • The local park
  • The local library
  • A free dance or theater performance
  • A museum
  • Ice skating or sledding

A child goes on a voluntary field trip as holiday break homework

5. An Online Project

It's pretty likely that your students are going to spend at least part of their holiday break on the internet, so why not meet them halfway and assign homework that takes place online? You can choose a topic relevant to your classroom and ask your students to create an online report about said topic. For example, they can create a blog with posts in the voice of the character of a book you're reading. Or they can build a simple personal website using a free drag-and-drop website creating tool like Squarespace or Wix for their favorite historical figure. You can even create a website specifically for your class with a forum where your students can discuss relevant classroom topics. This one should be easy for them, since they'll probably be on the computer or phone anyway.

No matter what homework you assign over the holiday, your students will be happy (rather than annoyed) as long as you focus on keeping them engaged, keeping the topic light, and allowing some degree of personal choice. Happy holidays!

For more ideas for projects and lesson plans you can use in the classroom, check out's Teacher Edition.

By Daisy Rogozinsky
December 2018
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