The Best Types of Professional Development for Teachers to Complete During the Summer


Professional development, whether you like it or not, is a compulsory part of being a teacher, and it just so happens to be the case that summer is an ideal time to complete certain types of PD. Check out these ideas for which kinds of professional development you can get out of the way this summer.

PD is P-rett-D Fun

Professional development is a valuable pursuit, keeping teachers up to date on the latest trends and advancements in the education field while sharpening their teaching skills. However, it can be challenging to find time for PD during the school year while you're busy, even overwhelmed, with the numerous day-to-day teaching duties that characterize your job. As such, consider using your summer as a time to work on developing your teaching skills. Here are the PD options we recommend looking into.

Multi-Day Conferences

Multi-day, intensive professional development (PD) conferences are relatively common, but during the school year, it seems rather demanding and unrealistic to require teachers to find two or more days to dedicate to PD. But summer is the perfect time to try out this type of professional development, since you'll have more free time and availability to travel. You'll be able to really immerse yourself in the topic, cover a lot of ground at once, and complete many of your state's requirements in one fell swoop, which will make for a win-win-win!

Summer is a good time for teachers to attend multi day professional development conferences

Intensive Workshops

Similarly, the summer break is a good opportunity to try out an intensive PD workshop, most of which will take all day. These are a fitting option, especially if, for whatever reason, you're unable to travel or stay overnight, but still want to use the summer as an opportunity to participate in a more involved professional development experience. The free time you have over the summer will still work to your advantage as it will allow you to fit a lengthy PD session into your schedule. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to decompress afterwards instead of transitioning right back into your classroom schedule.

Teachers can do professional development workshops over the summer

Online Courses

Finally, we recommend trying out an online PD course over the summer. This is a great option because you'll be able to complete the professional development class on your own time, allowing you to reserve as many hours or days as you want for yourself, having some much needed fun, relaxing, and spending quality time with close loved ones. Whether you choose to spread the course out over the entire summer or complete it in a matter of weeks, you'll be able to adjust the requirements to fit your schedule, rather than the other way around. Furthermore, you'll have endless options for topics that you can choose from to find the one that will be the most useful to your classroom and students.

Online courses are a good summer professional development option for teachers

Good luck with your professional development this summer!

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
June 2019
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