The Best Ways to Spend Spring Break When You're Not Going Anywhere


A lot of college students go on wild vacations during spring break, but that's not the only way to enjoy your time off. This blog post will show you how to make the most of your break even if you're not going anywhere.

Going Nowhere Fast

Being stuck at home or in school during spring break is a bummer, especially if all of your friends are off on adventures. But look at it this way: You'll be saving yourself a lot of money, stressful travel arrangements, and maybe even some hangovers. That said, not going away shouldn't stop you from having fun; it may even give you the opportunity to be productive in a way your traveling friends can't. Here are our best tips for how to spend your spring break if you're not going anywhere.

Go on Some Day Trips

There's always something to do within an hour or two drive from where you live, whether it's a hike, nature walk, trip to a museum, visit to a bookstore, or something similar. Take the time to explore and appreciate your hometown or college town, wherever you're staying. Find a new favorite cafe or spot from which to see the sunset. Alone or with somebody else, it's sure to be inspiring and maybe even romantic.

Two college students on a day trip during spring break

Take an In-Town Vacation

If embracing what your town has to offer doesn't sound appealing, why not do the exact opposite and pretend that you're on a vacation? Find a cheap Airbnb in a new part of town. Split the cost with a friend if you have to. Or, stay in somebody else's home; there's nothing as refreshing as using someone else's clean towels and interesting as looking through a stranger's fridge.

While you're away, why not imagine your life as a 50-year-old architect or a journalist in your 30s? It's totally up to you.

Have Fun with a Cardio or Game Break

If you're not the only one looking for something to do this spring break, gather up a bunch of people and play a group game. Some suggestions are:

  • Poker tournament - This one doesn't need explaining. Just an idea, though: Since you're all college students, you might want to bet cookies or something similar instead of real money.
  • Cops and Robbers - Split into two teams. Each team has to capture (tag) people from the other team while enjoying a little cardio exercise.
  • Baseball or kickball - You might not be participating in any upcoming spring training, but that doesn't mean you can't get the gang together for a game of baseball or kickball.

Heck, why not even break out a board game? Who needs tequila shots when you can have Candyland and literal candy?

If group games aren't resonating with you, why not devote an entire day to enjoying the things you liked as a child? Buy some otter pops, build a snow fort, and play jump rope and hopscotch, or find yourself a used hula hoop, pogo stick or Skip-It.

Indulge in a Movie Marathon

Whether you do it at home or go to an actual movie theater, a movie marathon is a great way to wile away a day. Go the full nine yards: Buy some popcorn, candy, and soda and turn down the lights. Watch all of the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars sequels and prequels. If possible, go to your local drive-in and watch their double feature, or tune into one of the inevitable marathons airing on the ABC Family Channel.

College students have a movie marathon during spring break

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Okay, here come the productive suggestions. We'll start with an oldie but goodie: spring cleaning.

This suggestion doesn't have to suck as much as you'd think. Put on some music, invite your crush over, and pretend you're in a movie montage. Wash your sheets and towels for the first time since you started college. Do that Marie Kondo thing where you hold your stuff to your chest and see if it sparks any ''keep-me'' joy. If not, donate your old stuff and pat yourself on the back for being so charitable.

Afterwards, breathe in your clutter-free, dust-free air. That's better, isn't it?

Get Ahead Academically

If your semester finals haven't put you off studying for good, why not use spring break to get a little bit ahead in your studies? You can start by reading the textbooks for your next classes or by asking around about your new professors. Or, heck, why not take an online course and earn some college credit. Can you say ''skip a prerequisite?''

Master Meal Prep

You already know that cooking is much healthier and cheaper than eating out, so why not dedicate yourself to learning how to cook during spring break? Start with one meal that you can use as a go-to for the rest of your college career. Even better, ask your parents for a recipe that you can recreate on your own and that'll remind you of home. Aww, that's sweet, isn't it? Maybe literally, if you choose to learn how to make Mom's apple pie.

A college student learns to cook a meal during spring break

Excited for your ''staycation''? We are, too. Have fun!

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
January 2019
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