The Working Scholars Program Helps Upskill the Workforce & Combat Economic Inequality updates

Graduates of The Working Scholars Program® earned no to low cost degrees and are now more confident about their futures. Learn more about the impact of this program below.

The Working Scholars Program

The Working Scholars Program is a community and employer sponsored program that offers guided degree transfer pathways at low to no cost for working adults.

This year, the program celebrated its largest graduating class of adult learners who earned their bachelor's degree from The Working Scholars Program.

We conducted a survey of those graduates to find out the impact that The Working Scholars Program and earning a bachelor's degree has had on them.

These graduates tell a story of hope, perseverance and inspiration. Many of them have already received job promotions or additional professional opportunities. Even more, the graduates' confidence in their ability to reach professional career goals increased significantly after earning a degree. Over 80 percent of graduates reported that COVID-19 drove determination to complete their program and earn their degree.

Learn more below:

Working Scholars Infographic

Learn more about Working Scholars here.

By Jessica Lyons
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