These 5 Lesson Plans Will Get Kids Excited About the New School Year


A new school year means new opportunities to introduce innovative lesson plans. Read on for a few ideas for lessons that will make your students excited to learn.

Getting Students Excited

Preparing for the new school year is always exciting for teachers, but raising the enthusiasm for your students is not always an easy task. Most children will still be a little sour about the end of their summer vacations and their eagerness to learn may be somewhat neutral.

To raise engagement and start things off with a bang, you'll need a few exciting lesson plans ready to go. These lesson plans are both fun and informative and are great tools to have in your corner in the first month of the new year.

Writing in Active Voice

Teachers and students alike are familiar with the age-old 'What I Did On My Summer Vacation…' assignment, so simply asking your students to compose a basic essay isn't likely to generate much excitement. To shake things up and improve engagement, turn the assignment into a lesson on how to write in active voice.

students excited about fun lesson plan

You can keep the subject matter the same and prompt your students to discuss their summers, but experiment with having your students identify active voice, or only in passive voice, or some combination of the two. By adding an extra challenge, you can make the activity more educational and entertaining.

Dynamics in Music

Music holds a unique spot in the curriculum because it is regularly seen as the 'fun' class. Even if students don't love music, playing an instrument or singing is a welcome change of pace from reading books and solving word problems. To start the new school year on a high note, try using this dynamics in music lesson plan.

This lesson takes a look at the theory behind music and is accessible to students of all ages and musical abilities. Whether your students are brand-new to music or have been playing for a couple of years, this lesson focuses on the more scientific and technical contexts of music and offers a fresh perspective that is sure to intrigue your class.


Diplodocus lesson plan for new school year

Students in all grades are fascinated by the size, scale, and power of dinosaurs. Combine this interest with the release of a new Jurassic World movie this past summer, and you have an opportunity to make the new school year a little more exciting with this dinosaur-themed lesson plan. This lesson combines the past with the present as students will learn how to classify extinct dinosaurs and identify current-day dinosaurs.

English Civil War

United Kingdom flag as part of lesson plan

If you teach older students who might be a little too knowledgeable for the above lesson, you can still get students excited for the new school year with a different kind of history lesson. The many factors and outcomes of the English Civil War make for an interesting lesson plan.

This lesson plan contains a reading assignment, discussion questions, and a quiz, meaning your classroom will receive both independent and group instruction. Rather than simply reading a text, your students will have the opportunity to share their ideas.

Standard Deviation

Math is one of the most important subjects in the curriculum, and for good reason. Problem-solving is a crucial skill not just for school, but for life in general, and the sooner your students know how to use reason, the better. To improve these skills, check out this lesson plan on standard deviation, which contains helpful project ideas and discussion questions to help your students get engaged and excited in math.

The new school year is always an exciting time, and has an extensive library of courses for both middle and high school students. These courses include interactive video lessons, self-checking quizzes, and other engaging learning tools that help students stay focused and keep learning.

By Bill Sands
September 2018
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