These Are the Careers Disney Princesses Should Have

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Sure, Disney princesses don't usually need to join the workforce, but that won't stop us from imagining the perfect careers for them. Check out a list of the careers Disney princesses should have.

Disney princesses are magical creatures, in many ways unencumbered by the obligations most living people face. Their hair is never flat. Despite being teenagers, they never have acne. And they don't have to work for a living. (Well, except maybe Cinderella.) But what if they did? Here are the jobs we'd assign to your favorite Disney princesses based on their interests and abilities.

Belle Should be a Librarian

Belle, from 1991's Beauty and The Beast, is a real intellectual. Her favorite hobby is reading and her love of books, and the knowledge she has from them, make her an outsider in her provincial home full of small-minded villagers. Belle belongs in a library, where she can freely and openly practice her love of literature without fear of reproach from those who don't understand. She could be a writer or a publisher, but Belle's true vocational calling is that of a librarian.


Ariel Should Open an Antique Shop

'Look at this stuff / isn't it neat?' isn't just a lyric from 1989's The Little Mermaid, it's also the motto of anybody with a passion for antiques. Ariel cultivates a deep appreciation and collection of classic 'one man's trash' items such as forks, candelabras, and bird cages. She's already got 20 thingamabobs, which means Ariel is well on her way to being able to fill an antique store with lovely goodies that people would fall over themselves to purchase at a premium. There are others out there who appreciate your treasures as much as you do, Ariel, we promise.

Jasmine Should be a Zookeeper

Sure, all Disney princesses seem to have some sort of magical, special relationship with animals, but being best friends with a tiger is unique, even for the Disney gals. If Jasmine can tame the largest of cat species, she should certainly make a career of it. If the Black Jaguar White Tiger guy on Instagram can do it, so can Jasmine.

Rapunzel Should be a Strongman

Okay, hear us out. It's not a popular career, but it's one that Rapunzel is incredibly well-suited for. Strongmen are known for performing unusual feats of strength such as flipping tires, pulling buses, and lifting logs over their heads. Based on her ability to regularly haul an adult woman into a tower using just the strength of her hair and upper body, we're pretty sure Rapunzel could keep up with the best of them.

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Snow White Should be a Model

Snow White doesn't really have very many hobbies or interests (although she does seem to enjoy keeping house for the seven dwarves), but one thing she is notable for is being the fairest in the land. That's a pretty huge feat if you ask us. Not just one of the fairest, but the absolute fairest of all? The number one in fairness? With that kind of beauty, Snow White could be pulling in the big bucks as a model. What brand wouldn't want the endorsement of the number one fairest lady in the land?

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
June 2018
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