Thoughts Every Homeschool Parent Has Had


Not all homeschooling experiences are the same, but there are some commonalities. Check out this blog post to see some thoughts every homeschool parent has.

Thinking About Homeschool

When you're the parent of a homeschooled child, you think about homeschooling a lot. Whether you're working with an institution, following an independent program, or just making things up as you go along, the topic of how (and what) to teach your child is never far from your mind. From the constant self-doubt of whether or not you're doing it right to the pride you feel when your child masters a new topic, here are the thoughts that every homeschool parent has had… probably multiple times.

'There are Too Many Resources Out There'

Especially at the beginning of your homeschool journey, you have to go through a period of time where you dedicate yourself to scouring the available academic resources to choose the ones you want to use with your child. The options seem to be endless: textbooks and workbooks and online education providers and Facebook groups and free Pinterest resources, oh, my! It's overwhelming and even, at times, discouraging. There are way too many options!

A homeschool parent explores online resources with her son

'There are Not Enough Resources Out There'

Yet somehow, once you really get into digging through the available education resources, you start to realize that none of them are the exact perfect fit for your unique family situation. If there are so many things available to homeschool families, where is the right one for you? Somehow, even among the hundreds of options, it can feel like there aren't enough.

'Will I Ever Sleep Again?'

Homeschooling a child (or multiple children!) can be as time-consuming as a full-time job. Actually, it can be even more time-consuming - and just as draining. Between the time spent planning lessons, reviewing work, offering study help, and giving instruction, there aren't very many hours left in the day.

'Is it Bad that My Child is my Best Friend?'

One of the best parts of homeschooling your child is how much more time you have to spend together, bonding in a unique context that not every parent gets to interact with their child in. However, that does mean that you end up spending more time with your kid than your friends, partner, or… anybody, really. Is it bad that your child is your best friend? Probably not. But it can't hurt to encourage a little more socializing for you and them both.

A homeschool parent is best friends with her children

'My Kid is the Best'

Nothing is more satisfying for a parent than watching your children learn, grow, and progress. When you homeschool your child, you get to witness the blossoming of their abilities, skills, and knowledge firsthand. You get to read the essays they write about their favorite constellation. You get to hear their special insights on classic literature. You get to share their joy when a difficult math concept finally clicks. Seeing your student succeed is the best feeling, reminding you why this homeschool journey is worth the effort.

Happy homeschooled children

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
November 2018
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