What to Do if You Have Multiple Finals the Same Day


If you've just gotten your final exam schedule and realized that you have more than one final on the same day, this is the blog post for you. Read more to learn what you can do to succeed.

It's the Final Final

The way that finals are scheduled in college, it is, unfortunately, very possible to wind up with more than one exam on the same day. In fact, you might even have two exams back-to-back, or three in a day. If this is the position you're in, don't fret. It is certainly difficult to handle, but not impossible. Here are our top tips for handling this tricky predicament.

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Ask For Change

If you have three finals on the same day, our recommended first step is talking to your professors and seeing if it is possible to have one of your exams moved. Professors are already used to adjusting finals schedules for students with extenuating circumstances. While this is usually more along the lines of assistance for disabled students, it can't hurt to ask. It is very possible that a professor will sympathize with your situation and help you out.

Start Early

Let's say you weren't able to have your finals schedule rearranged and still have to prepare for more than one exam in one day. What now? There's nothing better you can do than start studying as early as possible in order to avoid a last-minute, stressful cram-fest. Ideally, you will be studying as the semester goes along, keeping up to date with the readings and materials so that you are already comfortable with the material going into finals week. But whether that is or isn't the position you're in, you have to start studying for your finals as early on as possible, ideally weeks ahead of time. It'll be much less stressful that way.

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While it's definitely possible to give equal study time to each of your exams if you start early enough, it's good to have an understanding of your priorities in a time crunch. Base your prioritization on which exams are first and which are easiest for you, so you don't end up focusing too much on something you're already comfortable with or, even worse, inadequately preparing for the exam you have earliest in your schedule.

Prepare for a Marathon

Your approach for a multiple-exam day has to be that of a marathon, not a sprint or light jog. Make sure you're well-slept and adequately fueled. Prepare all of the necessary materials ahead of time. And don't use the time between exams to relax or have a celebratory beer (as nice as it would be). Instead, as soon as an exam is over, do your very best to put your mind off of it and start preparing for the next one. Your friends might want to stick around and discuss who answered what for which question, but it's up to you to switch your mindset to your next subject so that you are in the right state of mind when you sit down to your next exam. It'll be difficult but, hey, at least you'll get it out of the way. And, like with a real marathon, you have our permission to reward yourself with an entire pizza afterward.

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
November 2018
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