What to Do When Your Elementary Student Already Seems to Know Everything


Do you have a child who seems to soak up knowledge? Does he or she know just about everything about everything? Here are a few ways you can engage your little genius.

Maybe your child is smart because of his genetics. Maybe it's all of that classical music you played while she was in the womb. Maybe it's just a gift from a higher being. Regardless of how you found yourself there, being in the position of having a brainy kid is unique. It might require you to do things other parents don't. Here are some methods we suggest you try out to engage a child who loves to learn and seems to know everything.

A child reading in a library

Incorporate More Learning

Your little Einstein is curious. They soak up information like a sponge. They might even be hard to keep up with because of how much they're absorbing from the world around them. What do you do? Give them plenty of information to take in to make sure their intelligence doesn't make them bored or disengaged. There are many ways to incorporate learning into your family life. Use weekends to take your child to museums and science centers. Entertain them with interesting educational documentaries, fascinating novels, and non-fiction books. Keep their room stocked with books, brain teasers, Sudoku, Scrabble, and science kits. Teach them fun new skills like how to bake cupcakes or read constellations. There's no end to the things your child can learn - and it'll be fun for your entire family.

A smart child uses her imagination to draw

Encourage Their Imagination

The coolest thing about having a smart kid isn't just that they're smart - it's also that their intelligence is working in tandem with their childlike wonder, curiosity, and imagination. An educated adult might have hard skills and memorized facts, but true intelligence includes the ability to be creative and this is something children naturally have in spades. Make sure you're encouraging your child's imagination by asking big, open-ended questions and not always giving them answers but, instead, offering the opportunity for them to puzzle through interesting questions on their own. Sure, you might be able to offer a scientific explanation for why the sky is blue, but wouldn't it be so much more interesting to hear your child's interpretation?

A girl looks up information on a globe

Use Online Resources

There's only so much overburdened teachers can do to scaffold instruction for your gifted learner but, thankfully, the Internet offers an abundance of learning resources that you can use for supplementing your child's education. You can find online academic content that will engage your child directly; there are plenty of websites created specifically for their age group. And you can use online education tools yourself to find fun facts to share with your child and brush up on concepts that you might need to help your child with.

Having a child who loves to learn is a wonderful thing. Not only do they have so much time ahead of them for getting to know the world and dreaming up interesting ideas of their own, but they can reignite your own interest in learning. What a great opportunity for you both!

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By Daisy Rogozinsky
September 2018
k-12 parent tips

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