What Type of Teacher Are You?


How well do you know what type of teacher you are? Use the below quiz to find out which teacher category you fall into.

The Quiz

Each school is full of several different types of teachers. Are you more of a bright-eyed newbie or a tough classroom veteran? Use Study.com's quiz to determine the type you are. Keep track of your answers and find out the type below!

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1. It's the first day of school. What are you doing before the first bell rings?

a. Thinking about how you're ready for anything.

b. Wondering if you have enough time after first period to get something from the library for your second period class.

c. Wondering if your seating arrangement will work.

d. Thinking about the awesome activity you have planned to kick off the school year.

e. Thinking about what your star student, Dan, did during summer vacation.

2. Your students are being particularly unruly. How do you react to the situation?

a. You've seen this plenty of times before, so you use your own proven methods to get them back on track.

b. You admit it to yourself that it makes you feel stressed. With everything else you have to deal with, you don't need this.

c. Tell the kids to settle down or they may have to stay after class or go to detention.

d. Just stay calm. Somehow your classes always turn out great…at least that's what everyone keeps telling you.

e. Show them that you care and you're in it together.

3. It's teacher observation day! How are you feeling?

a. Fine. You're not really concerned and feel like it just means another person in the room. No big deal.

b. Worried. While you're confident in your teaching abilities, you can't help but wonder if you forgot something you need.

c. Nervous. You think things are going okay but aren't sure what to expect.

d. Ready to shine. Your observation days always go well and you feel like you have awesome lesson plans to show off.

e. Excited. You have a good relationship with the person observing you and look forward to seeing them.

4. It's your planning period. What are you doing during it?

a. Grading papers. All your lesson plans are ready, so you figured you might as well use the time to get a head start on your grading.

b. Nothing. You want to just relax. Lesson planning can wait until later.

c. Reviewing lessons you've planned. You've already done a lot of prep work, but you can't help but worry you're missing something so you're looking at everything again.

d. Reflecting on past lessons to see what you could use again. You have so many successful lesson plans, it's hard to choose!

e. Wondering how the lesson plan went that your colleague was planning last week. You know they were very excited about it and hope it lived up to expectations.

5. It's the last day of school. How are you feeling?

a. It's just another day to you. You've seen plenty school years come and go and know the next one will be here before you know it.

b. Relieved. The year felt so hectic that you're looking forward to things slowing down a bit.

c. Amazed. You never thought teaching could be so fun…and challenging.

d. Excited. You've made summer plans with colleagues so you'll get to see a lot of people but without having work in the mix.

e. Awesome! It's been another successful year and you feel like everything went the way you planned. You're also pretty sure you're getting the 'outstanding teacher' award…again.

What Your Answers Mean

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If you answered mostly A's, you're The Veteran Teacher

It's hard to surprise you because you've seen at all. You feel very confident in your teaching abilities, are calm under pressure and seem to have all the answers, whether the question is coming from the students or your colleagues.

After so much time in the classroom, you maybe want to find out ways to mix up the daily class routine or how to keep teaching even when you don't feel like it.

If you answered mostly B's, you're The Last Minute Planner Teacher

No matter how much you do in advance, you always find yourself cutting it close with something. While you may struggle to find ways to get organized, the good news is when something comes up you find a way to get it done no matter how little time there seems to be.

You could probably use some tips on being prepared, including ones on preparing for teacher evaluations. You should also check out these time management tips for teachers.

If you answered mostly C's, you're The Newbie Teacher

You haven't been teaching long and are still trying to hit your stride. You're looking for ways to keep improving as a teacher and are excited for everything to come with your teaching career. You help inject a sense of hope and excitement into the school year.

As a new teacher, you may have some doubts, but this advice can help you. You may also benefit from learning how to set realistic goals and not take things personally.

If you answered mostly D's, you're The Rock Star Teacher

Other teachers may see you as someone who can do no wrong and who always has it together. You're great at what you do and it shows in how well your students do in class and how your fellow teachers seek you out for advice and assistance.

Since you're already helping other teachers, you may want to find out more about helping a colleague who's stressed out.

If you answered mostly E's, you're The Popular Teacher

Everyone loves you and how could they not? You know everyone's names and remember personal things that they really care about. If a colleague was going to a conference you'd be the first to ask how it was and if a student was sick you'd be there to help them get caught up on what they missed.

You're already friendly with many people, but may still benefit from tips for keeping parents informed about student progress. You're used to everyone liking you, so you may also need to learn how to talk to difficult parents.

By Jessica Lyons
November 2017
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