Why Spring Semester is the Perfect Time for a Fresh Start


If the fall semester doesn't go as planned, don't beat yourself up too badly. Instead, let it motivate you to turn things around in your spring classes. Keep reading to learn why the spring semester is the perfect time for a fresh start.

A Fresh Start

Whether you're a freshman or have a year or two of college under your belt, there's always a chance that your fall semester won't live up to your expectations. And while this situation can be frustrating and intimidating, it doesn't necessarily mean that the entire year is shot—after all, there's still a whole semester to go!

That semester, of course, is the spring semester, and it can be the perfect time to push the reset button and start fresh (in more areas than one). Let's take a closer look.

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Tips for a Successful Spring Semester

In general, spring is associated with many fresh, new beginnings (think flowers, grass, spring cleaning, etc.). When it comes to college, however, spring can take on a totally different but equally refreshing meaning, like a new class schedule, new instructors, and new classmates. It also means leaving the things that caused you to struggle during the fall semester behind and starting the spring semester with a clean slate.

We know, we know—easier said than done, right? Well, not necessarily.

Leave the Past Behind You

Just because you had a bad fall semester doesn't mean that you're not college material. Perhaps it was that crazy hard course load, or maybe you didn't see eye to eye with a certain professor. Whatever the case may have been, you can't let what happened in the past define you as a student forever. Although it can be hard to let go of the negative mindset that often accompanies a subpar college semester, you have to if you want to be successful in the future. We're certainly not suggesting that you forget the past. Instead, be ready to embrace the future with a positive, open mind.

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Identify & Address Areas of Weakness

Another way to benefit from a fresh start is to identify some areas that you could improve in—and then try to do just that. For example, do you have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to study? Then make it a point to learn some ways to study smarter. Not the best note taker or organizer? Consider downloading an app like Evernote that can help you keep track of notes, ideas, projects, and more. Having a hard time asking for help when you need it? Find a tutor you're comfortable with who'll have your back when you're struggling.

You get the idea—if you can identify an area that could benefit from some attention, address it. It just might help you succeed!

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Take a Look at Your Personal Life

As much as you might not want to hear it, sometimes your personal life can have a direct effect on your performance in school. To help the fresh start associated with the spring semester work for you, take a look at your personal life and decide if there's anything that needs adjusting (or ''decluttering''). For instance, maybe your significant other has been causing you to stress out, or maybe a toxic friendship that's been distracting you needs to be addressed or even ended. Although it can be tricky, making adjustments in these areas can make all the difference in your college studies. Spring cleaning, anyone?

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Final Considerations

As you just learned, spring is the perfect time for a fresh start in both college and life in general. Just because the fall semester didn't pan out the way you wanted it to, doesn't mean that the spring semester can't be the start—or continuation—of a successful college career. The main thing to remember is to stay focused and stick to the changes you want to make, even if things get stressful at times!

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By Erin Riskey
December 2018
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