Casino Management Courses and Classes Overview

Casino managers must know advanced math and be able to work well with the managers of other businesses associated with the casino. Courses in casino management are normally completed through a certificate or degree program. Read on for more info about typical courses in this field.

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Essential Information

Casino management courses are most often found in casino management and hospitality management certificate and associate degree programs, although there are some standalone courses and bachelor's degree programs available in this field. Schools offering such programs are typically located in areas where gambling is legal and casinos are nearby, and courses in casino management are available in both online and on-campus formats. Degree programs normally include one or more internships at a casino.

Here are some common concepts taught in casino management courses:

  • Accounting
  • Bartending management
  • Surveillance and security for casinos
  • Gaming laws and regulations
  • Tourism

Casino management programs include a combination of general business coursework paired with courses specific to the operations of a gaming facility. Students often take a course that gives them an introduction to the gaming and hospitality industries, and they learn about probability and odds as the concepts apply to games. Students may also take courses that cover casino security, gaming controls, casino operations management and specific types of games, such as roulette, poker and slot machines. Some general courses in business that might be taken include those in economics and accounting.

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  • Resort Management
  • Resort, Hotel, Motel, and Spa Management
  • Restaurant Mgmt
  • Travel and Tourism Management

List of Casino Management Courses

Casino Marketing Course

Casino marketing courses show how to effectively promote casinos, particularly in conjunction with the restaurants, hotels and concert halls with which casinos are affiliated. Sales techniques, promotions, targeted marketing and merchandising are key components of a casino marketing course. Since casinos often appear in areas with other casinos, the knowledge of how to differentiate one casino from the rest is critical. For this reason, casino marketing courses appear in virtually all casino management degree programs.

Hotel Management Course

While casino managers have their own sets of responsibilities separate from those of hotel managers, casino managers still need to understand the basics of hotel management. Knowledge of hotel management helps casino managers to attract hotel customers to their casino and work with the hotel manager to maximize visibility and sales for both businesses. Hotel management is often taken towards the end of a casino management program so that students can see where a casino can benefit a hotel and vice versa.

Probability Course

The operation and profitability of a casino is based on odds and probability; therefore, it is necessary for casino managers to have at least an above-average understanding of math. A course in probability can help aspiring casino managers understand the mathematical probabilities of the games at the casino. The ability to quickly calculate probability and complex math can help managers assist the casino staff on the gaming floor.

Hospitality Law Course

A course in hospitality law teaches future casino managers about the rules and regulations of the service industry. Students learn about the laws that govern the restaurants and hotels that are affiliated with casinos, including labor laws and hotel liability. The course also covers casino law, particularly regulations that prevent cheating; some schools include information about casino surveillance technology in their hospitality law offerings.

Casino Staffing Course

Hiring an efficient and hard-working staff is one of the roles of a casino manager. Courses on casino staffing apply fundamental management concepts to the practices used in hiring individuals for gaming, security and hospitality positions. This course also covers how to assess employee performance and establish the procedures employees must follow with regard to casino table games. Government regulations regarding casino hiring practices are explored in this course.

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