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What is the CHSPE Test?

This article explains what the CHSPE is and how passing this test impacts a person's ability to attend college, receive student loans or be considered for employment. It also explains what the test covers.

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This article explores the scoring system used for each part of the CHSPE test, including the writing assignment. Factors that can affect performance are also discussed.

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There are several resources and strategies that individuals preparing for the CHSPE can use to study effectively. This article looks at a few of them to help make sure you're ready for the CHSPE.

Study.com CHSPE Scholarship: Application Form & Information

Are you one of thousands of test takers in the state of California preparing for the CHSPE? Study.com can help! We're proud to announce three scholarships to support CHSPE test takers as they prepare for this California high school equivalency exam.

CHSPE Registration Information

Individuals who do not wish to earn a traditional high school diploma in California can opt to register for the CHSPE test and earn a high school Certificate of Proficiency. This article explains the registration process for the CHSPE.

This article explains what the CHSPE is and how passing this test impacts a person's ability to attend college, receive student loans or be considered for employment. It also explains what the test covers.

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If you are a California resident looking for an alternative to the traditional high school diploma route, the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) may be the right choice for you. California residents aged 16 or older, or those that have been in the tenth grade for at least one academic year, may choose to take the CHSPE in lieu of earning a high school diploma. Passing the CHSPE is recognized by state law as earning the equivalent of a California high school diploma, which can open the door for more opportunities in higher education and employment. However, the CHSPE is a rigorous exam, covering important subjects in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and preparation for this exam can cost significant time and money. If you plan on taking the CHSPE, Study.com is here to help you every step of the way!

Not only do we offer a comprehensive CHSPE course that covers all the content you'll see on the test, but our CHSPE study guide package also includes, quizzes, practice tests, flashcards, and informative resources about the test itself. Our resources will answer all your big exam questions. Want to learn more about the CHSPE and how it can help you reach your educational or professional goals? Or what about how the test is scored and if you've passed the test? Whether you're curious about the best way to study for the CHSPE, how to register for the test, or any special exam accommodations, we have the information you need to feel prepared on test day. 24/7 online access to our CHSPE resources and virtual assistance means the answers to these questions and more are always at your fingertips!

Of course, our CHSPE resource are just one piece of our whole test prep package. Our expertly-designed CHSPE prep course will help you review all the material you'll encounter on the exam in a way that's fun and effective. We use short video lessons to explain and educate, then cap off each lesson with a mini-quiz to make sure you're ready for next steps.

If you get stumped along your test prep path, there's no need to worry! You'll have access to our instant answers tool. Just ask one of our experts for help and you'll quickly get the answers you need. When you think you're ready to put your new knowledge to the test, our full-length CHSPE practice tests will assess where you stand in your CHSPE preparation while allowing you a first-hand look at how the questions will look and feel on the real thing. Also included is a customizable study planner that allows you to choose to set a test date and study schedule for periodic study reminders. With our online courses and free mobile app, it's easy to fit your prep into a busy schedule!

At Study.com, we want to help you achieve your goals by offering you high quality test preparation materials that are designed to help you succeed. We're so confident our materials will help you on the exam, we offer a money-back guarantee. So get started today with your free 15-question practice test to quickly learn what to study next. Learn about your strongest subject areas, diagnose your weak points, and see how you can best begin preparing for the CHSPE!

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