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Frequently asked Questions

How hard is the American Government CLEP test?

The CLEP Government exam is designed to satisfy the requirements and content areas of an introductory college-level US government course. The exam content is considered college-level and test-takers will be expected to exhibit skills appropriate to that level of education standards.

How long is the CLEP American Government test?

The CLEP US Government exam is completed during a 90-minute testing period. This will not include instruction or tutorial periods.

What is a passing score for the American Government CLEP test?

The minimum credit-granting score for the US Gov CLEP is 50. Individual institutions are responsible for determining how many college credits or courses this score fulfills.

Can I retake the CLEP American Government exam?

Yes, retakes are allowed on the CLEP US Government exam. Any retake attempt must be completed following a three-month waiting period from the prior attempt.

How much does the American Government CLEP exam cost?

Registration for the US Government CLEP is $90. This does not include prep materials and may be refunded up to 7 days from registration.

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I love your videos. They really make learning easy and fun. The video courses break down subjects I have never been introduced to and put them in a way I can understand and remember. Thank you for providing this fantastic study tool. I tell all my friends about your amazing site!

James T. S.
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James T. S.

When I was using the REA study guide for Psychology, I ran into trouble because I was not seeing how you could use the terms or examples in every-day situations- I read but, I couldn't apply. When I used, I was happy to see that I could understand AND apply to situations through the clear examples.

Sierra W.
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Sierra W.

I used as my main resource to study. Occasionally I would go onto wikipedia and look up interesting facts about things that I wanted to know more about. However, definitely had all the materials needed to pass the exam.

Michael C.
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Michael C.

I always received poor grades in History. really helped me learn the material and I received my highest CLEP score ever!

Sharla W.
Passed - CLEP History of the United States I
Sharla W.
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