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About the CLEP American Government Prep

The CLEP Government exam is intended to assess content and skills equivalent to an introductory college-level American government course. This includes functions, institutions, and processes of the US federal government and legal system, Constitutional history and the evolution of its ideas, as well as the progression of American political parties and behaviors.

Number and Type of Questions 100 multiple-choice questions
Time 1 hour and 30 mins
Content Areas 1. Institutions & Policy Processes (30%-35%)
2. Civil Liberties & Civil Rights (10%-15%)
3. Political Parties & Interest Groups (15%-20%)
4. Political Beliefs & Behavior (15%-20%)
5. Constitutional Underpinnings of American Democracy (15%-20%)
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What Is on the CLEP American Government Test?

The American Government CLEP test comprises 100 multiple-choice questions that evaluate the test-takers grasp of significant themes, concepts, theories and developments in introductory American government and politics. This includes knowledge of American political institutions and systems, interpretation and understanding of political behavior and the frameworks used to interpret government procedures and processes, as well as analysis of relevant political data. Central ideas in the American legal system and civil rights and liberties are also a key portion of the CLEP Government test.

Institutions and Policy Processes: Presidency, Bureaucracy, Congress, and the Federal Courts

The first content area of the U.S. Government CLEP test assesses knowledge of the major powers and interactions between the three branches of the United States government. In addition to the structural makeup of the branches, candidates are also tested on their understanding of essential law- and decision-making processes, the role of major entities like the United States Supreme Court, as well as the relationships between the major branches of government, interest groups, parties and the American public. This topic area is approximately 30-35% of the test questions.

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

This topic area of the U.S. Government CLEP covers the history and evolution of key civil rights and liberties in American life, with a focus on the role of the judiciary in their establishment. Central components and ideas of founding American documents like the US Bill of Rights, the process by which it was added to the United States legal code, and its core content are also evaluated, in addition to guiding legal concepts such as the right to due process and equal protection under the law. This topic section consists of 10-15% of the questions.

Political Parties and Interest Groups

In this topic area, candidates will be tested on the histories, key developments, and functions of major United States political parties, as well as their influence on the political process. Consisting of about 15-20% of the CLEP Government test questions, candidates will also be evaluated on their understanding of the activities and influence of special interest groups, in addition to the roles both political parties and interest groups play in the American electoral process.

Political Beliefs and Behaviors

Comprising 15-20% of the American Government CLEP Test, this topic section evaluates test-takers comprehension of political participation, processes of political education, and the influence of public opinion on political systems and elections. This area requires candidates to analyze and identify major beliefs on the role and scope of government, factors that determine political perceptions and identity, and the influence of public opinion and reception of political candidates and parties.

Constitutional Underpinnings of American Democracy

The final topic area of the Government CLEP Test covers the major themes, concepts, and theories that are common throughout various subject areas of American government and politics. Constitutional concepts such as the structure of federalism, the separation of powers among the branches, and the core systems of checks and balances in the U.S. government will be evaluated and require interpretation as well as definition. In addition, the exam will cover ideas and compromises that led to the adoption of the Constitution, plus critical theories of democracy, such as the rights of the minority and the concept of majority rule. This topic section will comprise about 15-20% of the exam.

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Excellent prep for Dantes and Clep tests. Follow the course, take all the tests then take several practice exams and you have an excellent chance of passing. The questions are in the same format as the Dante/Clep tests just different questions of course. However, the videos/reading provides you with the information that will be covered on the actual Dante's/Clep tests. Took 6 tests and passed six tests the first time.

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I took the Educational Psych and Sociology courses. Because of these two courses I passed both CLEP exams with ease. Thanks for the good courses :)

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This was the most helpful studying service I have ever received. I have tried multiple services, lots of studying on my own, and flash cards. I have failed many times and couldn't do better. This was the one that helped me the most and at the end I finally passed.

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The app is simple and the practice tests helped me know specifically what I needed to study. Passed my test with flying colors thanks to!

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Perfect for what I needed it for! The quizzes and lessons were thorough and I got in a few practice tests before my real one.

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Frequently asked Questions

The CLEP Government exam is designed to satisfy the requirements and content areas of an introductory college-level US government course. The exam content is considered college-level and test-takers will be expected to exhibit skills appropriate to that level of education standards.

The CLEP US Government exam is completed during a 90-minute testing period. This will not include instruction or tutorial periods.

The minimum credit-granting score for the US Gov CLEP is 50. Individual institutions are responsible for determining how many college credits or courses this score fulfills.

Yes, retakes are allowed on the CLEP US Government exam. Any retake attempt must be completed following a three-month waiting period from the prior attempt.

Registration for the US Government CLEP is $90. This does not include prep materials and may be refunded up to 7 days from registration.

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