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About the CLEP Calculus Prep

The Calculus CLEP exam tests candidates on the knowledge and information that they would typically gain from a semester-long college calculus course. Anyone can take the Calculus CLEP test, however, test takers are expected to be in educated in preparatory mathematics and understand the key concepts of calculus. Participants can receive college credits by achieving a certain score. The American Council on Education gives recommendations on the credit-granting score and semester hours achieved by scoring it, but each institution may have its own credit-granting policy.

Number and Type of Questions 44 multiple-choice questions
Time 1 hour and 30 mins
Content Areas 1. Limits (10%)
2. Differential Calculus (50%)
3. Integral Calculus (40%)
Cost $90

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What Is on the CLEP Calculus Exam?

The Calculus CLEP exam is a 90-minute long, 44-question text. This examination is split into sections, section 1, and section 2. Section 1 consists of about 27 questions to be completed in around 50 minutes. Section 2 of the CLEP test for Calculus is made up of approximately 17 questions and is about 40 minutes long. An online graphing calculator may be used for section 2 of this exam, but section 1 does not allow the use of calculators. The test covers 3 topics: Limits, Differential Calculus, and Integral Calculus. The CLEP Exam Calculus aims to prove that each candidate has a thorough grasp of calculus and its operations.


The topic of limits, as it applies to calculus, accounts for approximately 10 percent of the CLEP Calculus Exam. Candidates can expect to be tested on the statement of properties, limit calculations, and continuity on this part of the Calculus CLEP Test.

Differential Calculus

Differential Calculus makes up about 50 percent of the Calculus CLEP Exam. The main areas of this topic are the derivative and applications of the derivative. Examinees taking the CLEP Test for Calculus will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of key concepts related to both, such as definitions of the derivative, higher order derivatives, the slope of a curve point, extreme value points, and more.

Integral Calculus

Roughly 40 percent of the questions on the Calculus CLEP are on the topic of integral calculus. This topic is made up of questions on antiderivatives and techniques of integration, application of antiderivatives, the definite integral, and applications of the definite integral. Individuals will be tested on things like the concept of derivatives, distance, and velocity from acceleration with initial conditions, properties of the definite integral, and the average value of a function on an interval, on this portion of the CLEP Calculus Test.

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Excellent prep for Dantes and Clep tests. Follow the course, take all the tests then take several practice exams and you have an excellent chance of passing. The questions are in the same format as the Dante/Clep tests just different questions of course. However, the videos/reading provides you with the information that will be covered on the actual Dante's/Clep tests. Took 6 tests and passed six tests the first time.

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I took the Educational Psych and Sociology courses. Because of these two courses I passed both CLEP exams with ease. Thanks for the good courses :)

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This was the most helpful studying service I have ever received. I have tried multiple services, lots of studying on my own, and flash cards. I have failed many times and couldn't do better. This was the one that helped me the most and at the end I finally passed.

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The app is simple and the practice tests helped me know specifically what I needed to study. Passed my test with flying colors thanks to!

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Perfect for what I needed it for! The quizzes and lessons were thorough and I got in a few practice tests before my real one.

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Frequently asked Questions

The CLEP Exam Calculus is a college-level test. Test takers should be educated in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and analytical geometry prior to taking the Calculus CLEP Test.

The CLEP Calculus is about 90 minutes long and contains 44 questions. The first section of the exam has 27 questions and takes about 50 minutes while the second section of the Calculus CLEP Test takes approximately 40 minutes and has 17 questions.

Test takers may be given college credits by obtaining a set score on the CLEP Exam Calculus. While The American Council on Education suggests that 4 college credits be given to individuals who score at least 50, though each college may have its own credit-granting policies.

Yes, you may retake the Calculus CLEP Exam. However, you must wait three months from the date of your initial exam. If you do not wait three months, the test will be considered invalid.

It costs $90 to register for the CLEP Exam Calculus. The testing center where you choose to take the CLEP Test for Calculus may charge an additional fee, therefore, it is best to pick your testing center while calculating the full cost of the exam.

The use of an online TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator is available to use in Section 2 of the Calculus CLEP Exam. Participants should learn how to use the downloadable calculator prior to the test.

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