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Everything you need to know about CLEP Exams

What Is CLEP?

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides college credits through its more than 30 different subject exams. This article gives you details about CLEP exams, and reasons why you should consider taking them.

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CLEP Exam List & Credits Offered

CLEP offers a wide variety of exams you can take to quickly advance in your studies and get closer to your goal of earning a college degree. Explore a comprehensive list of CLEP exams, and find out the number of college credits each offers.

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CLEP Exam Dates & Testing Center Locations

CLEP makes it easy to earn college credits by taking exams in place of semester, full-year or two-year courses. Get closer to your goal of earning credits by learning about upcoming CLEP exam dates and ways to find nearby testing center locations.

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CLEP Exam Costs & Registration Deadlines

As you plan to take a CLEP exam, it's good to research and prepare for any financial and scheduling obligations you might encounter. Learn about costs associated with CLEP exams and deadlines for registration.

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