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Are you looking to earn college credit outside the classroom? The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers over 30 exams that can help you earn real college credit in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional colleges and universities. CLEP exams are Prior-Learning Assessments (PLAs), meaning they test your subject matter expertise in a particular subject to gauge your level of understanding. Passing these exams proves your mastery and grants real college credit , just as though you had passed the corresponding course at your college or university! CLEP exams are perfect for military personnel with non-transferrable job training, adult learners with prior on-the-job experience, students who enjoy independent study, and anybody looking to jump-start their college career!

Study.com offers the best study guides for the CLEP exams that you'll find anywhere. Start with one of our free 15 question practice tests; upon completion you'll be given detailed results to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness, as well as specific study recommendations from our test prep catalogue. That's right - In addition to our killer test-taking tips, we offer over 30 CLEP preparation courses which include comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the CLEP exams to help you master the material.

Our CLEP Prep courses are composed of bite-sized video lessons that make studying for your CLEP exams easy and intuitive, so you can study when and where you want! You can also read through transcripts and take notes on what you've learned right in the lesson. All of our lessons are written by subject matter experts, so you know that our lessons are of the highest quality. To further aid your learning, each lesson is followed by a short assessment that gives you immediate feedback on your understanding.

For each of our CLEP courses you can start your journey with an in-depth knowledge assessment to determine your areas of strength and weakness, allowing us to customize the course specifically for you! You will automatically be given credit for lessons covering concepts you've already mastered, so that you can focus on the content that is going to be most impactful in helping you pass your CLEP exam.

We know that test prep is difficult, and it can be hard to figure out what and when to study. Our Goals tool is designed to help you tailor your study schedule to make sure you stay on track. All you need to do is pick your exam date it will help you create a personalized study schedule to maximize your score on your timeline.

Once you've completed your course you can take advantage of our hundreds of practice questions with our full CLEP practice tests! Our Practice CLEP tests emulate the content and structure of questions from the CLEP exams to both test your content knowledge and prepare you for the actual test experience.

Excited to start your journey to affordable college credit with CLEP? Take one of our free 15 question practice tests for the CLEP exam of your choice today!

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I love your videos. They really make learning easy and fun. The video courses break down subjects I have never been introduced to and put them in a way I can understand and remember. Thank you for providing this fantastic study tool. I tell all my friends about your amazing site!

James T. S.
Passed - CLEP Principles of Management

When I was using the REA study guide for Psychology, I ran into trouble because I was not seeing how you could use the terms or examples in every-day situations- I read but, I couldn't apply. When I used Study.com, I was happy to see that I could understand AND apply to situations through the clear examples.

Sierra W.
Passed - CLEP Introductory Psychology

I used Study.com as my main resource to study. Occasionally I would go onto wikipedia and look up interesting facts about things that I wanted to know more about. However, Study.com definitely had all the materials needed to pass the exam.

Michael C.
Passed - CLEP Introductory Psychology

I always received poor grades in History. Study.com really helped me learn the material and I received my highest CLEP score ever!

Sharla W.
Passed - CLEP History of the United States I
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