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CNE Practice Tests

Study.com offers CNE practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

Taking and passing the CNE exam helps you earn certification under the National League for Nursing (NLN) Academic Nurse Educator Certification Program (ANECP). If you're ready to start your CNE test prep process, you've reached the right place! Study.com's full-length CNE practice tests go over test topics like curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, learning environments and the scholarship of teaching while familiarizing you with the overall testing experience. With our help, you will have the knowledge needed to secure a passing score on the exam.

Here are just a few ways our full-length CNE practice tests can make a difference in your study process:

  • Practice questions: We offer hundreds of practice test questions that measure your knowledge of the content covered on the exam. The questions are designed to mirror the style and format of those found on the actual test.
  • Diagnostic reports: After completing each practice test, you will receive an in-depth diagnostic report that highlights the questions you've answered correctly and explains how we can help you strengthen any areas of weakness.
  • Onscreen timer: An onscreen timer keeps track of your testing times and helps you get comfortable with the allotted test time before exam day.

We also offer additional ways to make sure you're fully prepared on exam day. Access to these tools and resources, along with our full-length practice tests, is included with a Study.com membership.

  • Video Lessons: Our CNE course consists of more than 100 engaging video lessons. Created by top instructors, the lessons deepen your knowledge of CNE communication skills, clinical teaching strategies, professional development and other test topics. Each lesson features a full transcript and offers a multiple-choice quiz to gauge your progress through the course. Our online tutors can answer any questions you have about lesson concepts.
  • Informational resources: If you're looking for general information about the exam, our CNE resources can help! Exploring these resources will get you up to speed with exam costs, registration, accommodations and retakes. Learn about the CNE scoring process and get information about test day preparation like how best to study.
  • Study planner: Our study planner helps you stay on top of your test preparations. Share with us the date you plan to complete your studies, and we'll send regular email reminders to make sure you don't fall behind.
  • Mobile app: Feel free to download our mobile app to access all of our study materials via your iOS or Android mobile device! Study when you want, where you want.

Still not sure? You can test out our offering by trying a free 15-question practice test to get an idea of your existing knowledge of CNE test concepts. This free exam offers the same diagnostic report from our full exams, which highlights your areas of strength and weakness and shows how to make the best use of our many study tools and resources.

Preparing for the CNE exam with Study.com is fun, simple and effective. Get started with one of our free 15-question practice tests today!

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