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Students who want to accelerate earning their college degree to save time and money should consider credit-by-exam programs to earn college credit, and Study.com is your best source to learn about the various credit-by-exam options. We've researched all the information you'll need to know about these programs, including which subjects these exams cover, what the format of each exam looks like, and how to register for each exam.

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What are credit-granting tests?

Credit-by-exam programs, or CBE, allow you to skip the classroom and earn credit toward your degree simply by passing an exam. CBE programs give you the opportunity to test out of your general education classes so that you can jump ahead to completing the core requirements for your degree. The most popular CBE programs are CLEP, DSST, and AP.

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Study.com videos average five minutes each, helping you move quickly through the material while staying engaged. Use Study.com's test-prep membership to earn a top score on the ACT, SAT, AP, and other standardized exams to help you earn credits taking exams. Study.com is a one-stop-shop to prepare for for various test providers in the college credit space. Read on to learn more about credit by exam and the options you have to reduce your college credit load.

Video Lessons

Study.com is designed with short, engaging video lessons that help you learn important material in a digestible way. You can watch our videos or reading the transcripts on your phone, tablet, or computer. The user-friendly platform is easy to navigate and designed to help you learn in your style, on your time.

Practice Tests

Study.com has built practice tests made to mirror the real exam experience you'll encounter at the testing center. Helpful scoring, data on your results, and instant feedback help you feel confident not just on the content and platform for the test, but on how to interpret your results and prepare for each section. Being able to practice questions in the style of your exam will help you feel more confident on test day and set you up for success.


Study.com has flashcards that provide the opportunity to practice key terms and definitions in your course materials. Repetition can help you test how well you know the terms and to make sure you feel confident in the topics before you move on to taking an exam. Mark which ones you got correct and incorrect to track your improvement and target specific topics as you review the materials.

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The best part of Study.com's model is that you won't get left behind if you need to review to keep up. Watch videos again, retake quizzes, and control the video speed to own the pace of your own learning. Or, speed up videos and utilize placement tests to make the material move at your speed.

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Resources for Test Prep

Study.com can help you with CLEP, DSST and AP exams. Scroll down for course listings and test details to help you figure out which kind of credit by exam best fits your needs.

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