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Charter Oak State College is committed to making degree completion possible for students in a variety of lifestyles. Whether students are interested in pursuing a workforce-relevant major, a designated graduate program, or a customized degree, students can feel assured that they are receiving a well-rounded, accredited education. Each curriculum is designed to promote the decision-making, communication, and leadership skills that individuals need to enter their respective fields. Students can ensure that they earn their degrees in the most efficient and affordable way possible through Charter Oak State College’s variety of transfer credit options.

Academic credits can be transferred through a personalized portfolio and earned for experiences such as military service, previous professional roles, exam scores, or through academics taken at other accredited schools. Likewise, Charter Oak State College advisors are available to provide each student the individualized academic support they need to achieve success whenever they may need. The entire Charter Oak experience is designed with the working adult in mind and has been helping all types of students achieve their academic and professional goals for decades.

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I am a very visual learner and a frugal student, for that came in handy. I love the short videos that are super entertaining and never tiring. I was able to skip buying an overpriced textbook and am instead just watching bite sized videos. Awesome!

I've passed four credit granting exams so far and earned 12 credit, all while saving money and in less than three months! I'll definitely keep using for the other transferable credit I need to earn over the next 12 months.

Paula Brown

Paula Brown
Earned College Credit has been a life-saver for me. The videos are extremely helpful and the information was presented in a fun, engaging way.

In just a few months, I've been able to prepare for and take three proctored tests for credit, and all from the convenience of my own home.

Nothing could have been easier!

Miriam Maiquez Ortiz

Miriam Maiquez Ortiz
Earned College Credit
What courses will Charter Oak State College accept for credit?
Charter Oak State College accepts credit from over 175 of our courses. View the full transfer guide to see which courses transfer over.
How long do courses take?
Our courses can be completed in 2-4 weeks depending on your schedule. We recommend taking two courses each month to stay on track.
How many courses can I take? works as a subscription plan rather than following a typical course-by-course plan. This gives you access to the courses you need, whenever you need them.
How much does cost? allows Charter Oak State College students to get started earning credit for just $199.99 a month.

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