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Although it is not possible to earn a Ph.D. specifically in communication technologies, many schools offer related programs. Get more information about degree options, program requirements, and career possibilities.

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Essential Information

There are no specific Ph.D. programs in communication technologies. The most closely related degree is the Ph.D. in Public Communication and Technology. Students in these programs may concentrate their studies by focusing on the relationship between communication technologies and human behavior, organizations, or social policy. Some colleges and universities also offer similar programs in fields such as communications, information studies, and media, technology and society.

These doctoral programs explore how information technology impacts people and how new developments in the field continue to affect society. Students learn research and teaching skills in addition to practical concepts, such as how to respond to day-to-day technological issues in the science, technology, and health industries.

To be accepted into a Ph.D. in Public Communication and Technology program, applicants must possess a master's degree in a relevant field and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, programs consider undergraduate transcripts or previous research experience.

Doctoral Programs in Communication Technology

Coursework in these programs provides students with a comprehensive understanding of relevant technologies and their psychological and social impacts on society. Course topics may include:

  • Technical communication
  • Public relations
  • Communication systems management
  • Theory of cognitive communication
  • Theory of social and cultural communication
  • Health communication

Popular Career Options

Graduates of these programs may consider some of the following careers:

  • Professor of communication and technology
  • Research manager
  • Private consultant
  • Communication sociologist

Through a doctoral degree in a field related to communication technologies, students gain the theoretical background and research skills they need for academic careers or high-level positions in the field.

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