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Computer programmers test, troubleshoot and write code for computer interfaces, software and operations. Prospective students have plenty of school options, as many programs are available across the country. Online computer programming courses can often be completed individually or as part of larger programs.

Online Courses in Computer Programming

The following topics are commonly taught as part of a computer programming degree program:

  • Introduction to Computing C++ Course: In this course, students gain an in-depth understanding of the development of C++ programs. Also emphasizing problem solving and algorithm development, this course covers the following subjects: control structures, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and numeric applications.
  • Applied Discrete Mathematics Course: Students become well-versed in algorithm analysis and mathematical induction. Topics covered in an applied discrete mathematics course include the following: proof methods, formal logic, recurrence relations, and Boolean expressions.
  • Basic Computer Organization and Assembly Language Course: In this course, students will learn to convert unsigned and signed integers, program in assembly language and outline computer architecture. Students in this course learn about topics such as machine code, number systems, and assembly languages.
  • Data Structures Course: Upon completion of the course, graduates are able to collect and store data objects. Lessons include an overview of Java, as well as abstract data types, binary trees, and geometric algorithms.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Course: In this course, students will explore the concept of how computers solve various problems. How to write computer programs will also be examined.
  • Elements of Software Construction Course: This course will cover the development of computer software. Topics include data types, design patterns and functional programming.

Program Information

Given that the field relies almost exclusively on interaction with computers, it's no surprise that a number of online programs are available in computer programming. Students looking for a more immersive experience can enroll in a bachelor's degree program, which can require 120 credit hours and generally takes four years to complete, while students with busier schedules or past education can opt for certificates and master's degrees. These programs offer much more intensive learning and generally take half as long as a bachelor's degree (certificate programs may last only one year or less, for example). Free online courses are also an option.

Students can study computer programming via certificate programs, bachelor's and master's degrees and individual courses. Topics will cover areas like software development, data structures and basic computer organization skills.

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