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Study.com offers CSET and CBEST practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

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If you're planning on taking the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), Study.com can help you prepare. These teacher certification exams will evaluate you on a wide array of pedagogical and subject related topics, which is why we've included comprehensive CBEST/CSET practice tests to help you master all the academic concepts you need to know.

We offer multiple practice tests for over 40 CBEST and CSET exams. These practice exams are closely aligned with the content you'll see on test day, and they mirror the style, format and difficulty level of CBEST/CSET exams. After taking your practice tests, you'll receive diagnostic reports that reveal the answers you got right and which subject areas you should spend time studying. CBEST/CSET practice exams are excellent study tools because you'll know exactly which topics require the most attention. By pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses with our practice tests, you'll be able to better assess how prepared you are for your exam and focus only on the topics that matter most to your overall score.

To get a sense of the style and format of our full practice exams, try our free 15-question CBEST/CSET practice tests. These free practice tests offer initial assessments of your knowledge, just like the full practice tests. Once complete, we'll provide a diagnostic report that recommends subjects you should spend time studying and topics you you've already mastered.

After taking your free practice tests, sign up for Study.com and get access to our full CBEST/CSET practice tests and customized study guides. Our CBEST/CSET study guides feature video lessons, quizzes and transcripts that cover the specific academic topics you'll be tested on. You can access these lessons on any computer or mobile device, which helps you prepare for your CBEST or CSET exam whenever and wherever it's convenient. If you're worried about staying on track, we'll make sure you remain on top of your studies! Take advantage of our custom study schedule to receive email reminders of what lessons and quizzes you need to review each day.

In addition to the practice tests and study guides, we offer an extensive collection of CBEST/CSET resources that can educate you about CBEST/CSET exams. We'll help you learn more about CBEST/CSET exam dates, passing scores, test results, subtests, exam formats, and more. Access these resources to make the best-informed decisions about your exams and your path to becoming a certified teacher in the state of California.

To get started, just take our free 15-question CBEST/CSET practice test. This practice test comes at no cost to you, and there is no sign up or membership required. Let us get you ready for your next CBEST/CSET exam today!

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