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What is CBEST?

The CBEST is a test given to aspiring teachers looking to work in California. Read on for more information about the structure, format, and content of this assessment.

What is the CSET Exam?

The CSET is a series of exams administered to prospective teachers in California. Learn more about the CSET content, format, and scoring system for these tests and how to prepare for them.


The CSET and CBEST are two different types of certification exams for teachers in California. Learn more about the similarities and differences between these tests.

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Is the CBEST Hard?

If you're an aspiring teacher getting ready for the CBEST, familiarizing yourself with exam content can go a long way towards making it less difficult. Read on for more information on what's covered and explore factors that can make it a challenging test.

The CBEST is a test given to aspiring teachers looking to work in California. Read on for more information about the structure, format, and content of this assessment.

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If you're looking to become a certified teacher in the state of California, you may need to take the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). These assessments are used to ensure you have the pedagogical and subject matter knowledge required of public school educators. To help you make informed decisions about your CBEST/CSET exams, we've created a collection of useful informational resources that cover everything you need to know about your upcoming teacher certification exams.

A good place to start is with our articles What is the CBEST? and What is the CSET? These resources tell you what the exams are used for, how they're formatted, and what you can expect to be tested on. Next, take a look at the article CBEST vs. CSET, which explains the key differences between the exams. You can also learn about the difficulty levels of specific exams, including the CSET Multiple Subjects Test, CSET English and CSET Social Science.

Once you become familiar with the general purpose, format and content of these exams, we'll show you important information about testing logistics. Articles like CBEST Test Dates & Locations and CSET Exam Dates offer insight into available test dates so you can plan ahead and figure out when you want to take your test. We also offer a variety of articles that show you how to register for the CBEST or register for the CSET.

To help you feel better prepared, we also offer articles on how to pass the exams on your first try and how to effectively study for subject-specific exams, such as the CSET Math, CSET Social Science and CSET Physical Education. Additional resources include information regarding CSET/CBEST passing scores, requirements, passing rates, testing tips and much more.

Now that you better understand the exams, try our comprehensive CBEST/CSET study guides to prepare for the test! We offer comprehensive CBEST/CSET courses that align with the content you'll be tested on. That way, you can prepare effectively and efficiently. Watch short lessons, get extra help from our tutors, and take full CBEST/CSET practice tests to master the information you need to know. We even offer a scholarship for CBEST/CSET test takers to cover the costs of test preparation.

To begin studying for your teacher certification exam, simply take our free initial practice test. After answering 15 questions at no cost to you, we'll guide you on the path to a successful test preparation experience. There's no risk involved, so take your free CBEST/CSET practice test today!

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