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What is the CTEL Exam?

Get an idea of what the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam is used for, who is required to take it and what each of the CTEL subtests focuses on.

CTEL Registration Information

The process for creating an account, registering for the CTEL and scheduling the CTEL or a CTEL subtest is explored here. Information about how to locate available test times and locations and the CTEL refund policy is also provided.

CTEL Test Score Information

The scores required to pass the CTEL subtests and the scoring method used for the different types of test questions are explained here. This article also covers how to get your CTEL test scores.

CTEL Test Day Preparation

If you're getting ready to sit for the California Teacher of English Learners exam, having a better idea of what to expect on test day will go a long way towards helping you relax when the time comes. Read on for information on prep resources as well as testing policies and procedures.

How to Prepare for the CTEL

Test-prep materials individuals can take advantage of when getting ready for the CTEL exam are discussed here. Practical study and test-taking tips for the CTEL are also included.

Get an idea of what the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam is used for, who is required to take it and what each of the CTEL subtests focuses on.

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CTEL Resources

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Enhance your preparations for the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam with help from Study.com! We offer a wide variety of informational CTEL resources that outline everything you need to know about the exam and its subtests. Learn valuable information about the purpose of the exam and find out what to expect prior to, during and after test day. By utilizing these resources, you'll be well on your way to passing the test and securing the educator credentials needed to teach English learners in California!

The goal of our informational resources is to strengthen your CTEL test prep with important details about all aspects of the exam. Learn how much the exam costs, how to register and what constitutes a passing score. Also, find out how to make test accommodations and retake the exam, if necessary. If you want to know what the exam day entails, we have you covered! Our resources thoroughly explain what to expect and how best to prepare. We also provide in-depth study tips and strategies that will help you earn the highest score possible.

Our informational resources are among several test prep tools located in our CTEL study guides, including entertaining video courses and full-length practice tests. These tools give you quality overviews of main concepts and ensure you're ready to tackle questions on the exam. Signing up with Study.com grants full access to our guides along with other amazing test prep options like our custom study planner and mobile app. Our planner helps you maintain your study schedule by sending regular email reminders, while our mobile app provides access to our tools and resources via your smartphone or tablet!

Reviewing all concepts covered on the exam's subtests is simple when taking advantage of our CTEL courses. Our instructors present video lessons, which are also available as full transcripts, in an engaging manner that makes it easy to absorb key details. Paired with each lesson is a multiple-choice quiz you can take anytime to gauge your knowledge and progress. If you have any questions related to specific lesson topics, feel free to send them to our online tutors anytime!

Our CTEL practice tests mirror the style, content and format of the actual exam, enabling you to emulate the testing experience you will have on exam day. Questions check your understanding and confirm your readiness to address all topics! Each practice test provides instant feedback in the form of a diagnostic report that highlights and explains the questions you've answered correctly. The report also points you to lessons in our video courses that can build your knowledge of concepts that need more study time.

Wondering how to begin your exam preparations with Study.com? Taking one of our free 15-question practice tests is a great choice! After answering all of 15 questions, you will receive a mini diagnostic report that lets you know your current understanding of primary exam topics. The report details your areas of strength and weakness and provides the guidance you need to begin your preparations on the right track.

We take pride in offering all of our CTEL prep resources and tools in one convenient location that makes your studies efficient and effective. Getting started with Study.com is obligation-free, so begin by taking one of our free practice tests today!

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