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The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) uses the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam to ensure teachers have the knowledge and skills needed to educate English language learners in the state. The exam consists of three subtests that cover language, language development, assessment, instruction, culture and inclusion. To effectively prepare for the exam and get closer to your goal of completing the credentialing process, offers a wide variety CTEL study tools and resources. By enjoying CTEL test prep with us, you'll learn the content covered on all three subtests, acquire helpful study tips and gain the test-taking practice you need to earn a passing score!

Refreshing your knowledge of CTEL exam concepts is simple using our CTEL courses. Our expert instructors provide comprehensive overviews of language transfer, pragmatics, SDAIE lesson planning, inclusive classrooms and other topics covered on the three CTEL subtests. Each lesson is available as a short video and full transcript and features a multiple-choice quiz designed to quickly assess your understanding of key concepts. If you develop any questions about specific topics while exploring the lessons, online tutors are accessible 24 hours a day to help!

Worried that your test-taking skills are a little rusty? Don't worry! Our full-length CTEL practice tests are designed specifically to emulate the testing experience. We familiarize you with the types of questions you can expect on exam day and refresh your knowledge of the types of content you'll encounter. After completing each practice test, you will receive an in-depth diagnostic report that highlights your correct answers and links you to lessons in our courses that can enhance your understanding of any concepts you don't fully comprehend. We also offer an onscreen timer that gauges and helps improve your testing speeds!

Our informational CTEL resources provide valuable insight into the purpose of CTEL, how you can best prepare for the exam and what you can expect before, during and after exam day. You'll learn about CTEL scores, costs, registration, exam accommodations and the retake policy. We also make sure you have the tips and strategies you need to properly study for each subtest.

With so many ways to enjoy a quality CTEL test prep experience, you're probably wondering which of our tools and resources to use first. One option to consider is taking one of our free 15-question practice tests to assess your current understanding of content on the exam you plan to take. Browse our CTEL study guides to locate one for the full CTEL exam or specific subtest for which you're studying. After taking the free test located in the guide, you'll receive a short report that identifies areas of strength and shares how we can improve any areas of weakness.

If you're concerned that you won't be able to stay on top of your CTEL studies, be sure to utilize our custom study planner to maintain your progress. We'll send you regular emails reminders that make sure you never fall behind. You can also benefit from our mobile app, which allows you to access our video courses, practice tests and informational resources on the go!

Signing up with provides exclusive access to all of our amazing CTEL prep tools and resources. With our money-back guarantee, getting started with us is completely risk-free. So, begin your journey today by taking one of our free 15-question practice tests!

Interested in becoming a credentialled California teacher? Take a look at our CSET/CBEST test prep materials!

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James T. S.
Passed - CLEP Principles of Management
James T. S.

When I was using the REA study guide for Psychology, I ran into trouble because I was not seeing how you could use the terms or examples in every-day situations- I read but, I couldn't apply. When I used, I was happy to see that I could understand AND apply to situations through the clear examples.

Sierra W.
Passed - CLEP Introductory Psychology
Sierra W.

I used as my main resource to study. Occasionally I would go onto wikipedia and look up interesting facts about things that I wanted to know more about. However, definitely had all the materials needed to pass the exam.

Michael C.
Passed - CLEP Introductory Psychology
Michael C.

I always received poor grades in History. really helped me learn the material and I received my highest CLEP score ever!

Sharla W.
Passed - CLEP History of the United States I
Sharla W.
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