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Jun 10, 2021

What is a Certification Program in Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping has a very methodic work environment. A professional bookkeeper should be as diligent as possible, making sure that every single piece of data is marked and stored in their respective places the right way. A bookkeeper is successful if he does his job exactly how the guidelines expect him to. Ensuring that all bookkeepers and accountants are capable to easily access the information managed and organized by the said bookkeeper.

For this reason, a demand for a standardization test in bookkeeping surged. These tests came to be recognized as bookkeeping certifications. Passing in one of these tests can be very challenging. For this reason, some institutions started offering bookkeeping certification programs. These programs offer students an opportunity to raise all the knowledge needed specifically for the certification test. In a way, certificate programs do help the student to focus. Their coursework is designed to tackle every single necessary knowledge, covering every possible question.

Bookkeeping Certification Programs

In order to prove their capabilities of producing reliable records to other entities such as banks and tax-related bureaucracies, bookkeepers may choose to pursue a professional certification in bookkeeping. To acquire certification, however, a professional has to pass an exam. Many feel unprepared for such a task, even after a degree in bookkeeping and that is where the certification programs come into play.

The bookkeeping certification program's main goals are to fully prepare the student to pass on in a bookkeeping certification exam. Bookkeeping certifications exams consist of a series of tests applied by the certifying institution in order to ensure that the bookkeeper is a capable professional. In these programs, professionals will be testing their abilities and knowledge in important skills, theories and procedures of bookkeeping. Some of these tests may require the professional to score at least about 75% of the total questions in every test in order to earn the certification.

There are some institutions that offer bookkeeping certifications. As examples, we have the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. The AIPB requires the professional to provide documents proving at least 2 years of experience as a bookkeeper. The NACPB in the other hand requires only that the professional passes their Accounting Fundamentals Program. Both institutions provide the student with preparation material, in the format of books or courses.

Why Go For a Certification in Bookkeeping?

Certifications are so capable of building a professional's credibility that some employers will launch job openings aiming exclusively towards certified professionals.

From a marketing standpoint, certifications will grant you an extra selling point. Impress your employer by proving your expertise. As employers do value experienced professionals a lot, certification programs can be very helpful in launching your career by bypassing the little experience stigma. By doing so, the professional might be able to signal the lesser need for in-work training and readiness to work. This can be especially useful when dealing with small company employers which might not have the know-how to determine if you're actually following the bookkeeping guidelines.

Examples of Common Courses and Tested Subjects

The coursework will be based on the tested subjects. All subjects are in a way related to a common accounting/bookkeeping coursework

  • Accounting - Basic knowledge about accounting as a scientific field
  • Worksheets - Knowledge about methodical financial record keeping with worksheets
  • Sales Accounting - Procedures of debit and credit in a sales environment
  • Fraud Prevention - Double checking record methods
  • Error Correction - Standard procedures of correction
  • Inventory and Stockpile Accounting - Procedures record crafting and management
  • Payrolls, Records and Payment - Know-how in payroll management
  • Depreciation - Item and machinery depreciation and how to calculate/record it

How Much Does a Bookkeeping Certification Program Cost?

The NACPB certification requires two steps to acquire, the Accounting Fundamentals and the NACPB certification exam. The Accounting Fundamentals course total cost is $459 dollars for non-members and the certification exam costs $100 dollars take. There's a membership program that grants a 20% of discount on both fees

The AIPB's seven preparation books have a ranging cost of between $29 and $79 dollars, summing a total of $363 dollars.

The Bookkeeper's Job Prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bookkeepers had a median annual pay of

$42,410(in May of 2020). Their data also suggests that bookkeeping as a profession is shrinking at a very slow pace. BLS suggests that the population of bookkeepers will shrink by 6% when comparing 2029 to 2019.

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