Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in International Business

Mar 15, 2021

Online International Business Degree Overview

A degree in international business prepares students for a career that takes them to different parts of the world. It is designed to teach them a wide range of skills that are sought after by employers. Traditionally students are taught to analyze data, determine risks and opportunity, diplomacy and negotiating skills, and how to speak in public, and often are required to take courses in finance, marketing, and management. This degree creates an international awareness for the student that includes an understanding of international politics and trade regulations, an understanding of international figures, and also develops cultural sensitivity.

Online Associate Degrees in International Business

Associate degrees in international business are set to prepare their graduates for a variety of entry-level positions in global firms. They are typically called Associate of Science in International Business or are an associate degree in business administration with a concentration in international business. These programs prepare students for similar jobs in private or government organizations. Typically, programs focus on core business classes (including but not limited to marketing, finance, accounting, and management) before allowing students to take international business specific courses. These programs often take two years to complete. While online associate degrees in international business aren't terribly common, they are available.

Online Bachelor's Degrees in International Business

Similarly, more schools offer an online Bachelor in Business Administration in International Business than an online bachelor's degree in international business however, the curriculum overlaps. These degrees prepare students for careers that are internationally focused. These programs have an immersive interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares students for a variety of business careers including economics, global trade, and administration. They attempt to foster cross-cultural skills to prepare students for an international career. These online bachelor programs typically take four years to complete and run around 120 credit hours. In some instances, the program can take longer if the student chooses to go to school part-time.

Online Master's Degrees in International Business

Many people choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business because it opens doors to positions that previously seemed unattainable because they required an MBA. These positions range from CEO of a major international company to management analysts. While graduate degrees aren't always required for these positions, they can help lead to career advancements. MBA programs in international business often take between 14 months and two years to complete. There are many different careers that people can go into with an MBA.

Online Doctoral Degrees in International Business

Most doctoral programs tend to be an overall Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) degree where the student can choose to complete a dissertation, under the guidance of faculty mentors. The dissertation tends to be optional for DBA programs while for those who wish to earn their Ph.D. in Business Administration it is required. These programs can take anywhere from three to five years to complete, depending on whether the student is full-time or part-time.

Online Certificates in International Business

Many people who have a degree that is not specific to international business, such as economics, finance, or accounting, opt to pursue an online graduate certificate in international business in order to strengthen their career prospects, possibly opening the doors to working abroad in other countries or for a major international corporation. The purpose of an online graduate certificate in International Business is to develop skills to help operate in international organizations. In many programs, students will have the opportunity to discover how international firms operate, understand the global marketplace, and how to succeed in an international business setting. These programs typically take less than a year, sometimes as little as eight weeks, to complete and are between twelve and eighteen credit hours. However, some allow for greater flexibility, especially for those working full-time, and can take a few years to fully complete the certificate program.

Best International Business Online Bachelor's Degrees has investigated hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities to put together the following list of the top international business bachelor's degree programs. We took data from trusted, reliable sources, like the U.S. Department of Education, for areas like graduation rates, tuition costs, and student retention in addition to looking at other, less quantifiable offerings a school can provide, such as related student organizations, study abroad and internship opportunities, and remote access to learning facilities. Other factors specific to a top international business program, like specialized programmatic accreditation from respected agencies (like the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) and ties to business around the world, were factored in as well. The end result of this complex analysis is's definitive list of the top online international business bachelor's degree programs in the country - any one of which would make an excellent choice for your next educational journey.

1. Regent University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$18620 86% 57% 99% Yes Yes AP / NCCRS Credits

Regent University of Virginia Beach, Virginia, takes the top spot on this list with their ACBSP-accredited online Bachelor of Science in Business - International Business program. This international business program prepares students to reach across cultural barriers to do business on the world stage, in fact, recent graduates work in 60% of top Fortune 100! Regent University is also very transfer friendly, allowing students to bring in up to half of the required credit hours.

2. Florida International University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$6565 58% 63% 90% Yes Yes AP Credits

Miami's Florida International University has an amazing Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business online program that offers a variety of electives aimed at acquainting students with business customs in different parts of the world - which enables them to tailor their education to their specific career goals. Online international business students are even eligible for the Honors College at FIU, which can help them gain access to exclusive internships, scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and access to special lectures and symposia.

3. Davenport University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$19338 82% 49% 98% Yes Yes AP / ACE / NCCRS Credits

Davenport University is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and this school offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business program that's open to students across the country. The program is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), meaning it meets or exceeds all industry expectations. Students at Davenport University can also take advantage of the school's extensive contacts around the world for as they complete a required study abroad experience or international, which provides real world experience in international business that's not easily found elsewhere.

4. Northern State University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$8750 84% 48% 96% Yes Yes AP Credits

Aberdeen, South Dakota, is home to Northern State University's campus, where their Bachelor of Arts in International Business draws the attention of students from all over. The program features a focus on cultural and geographic education in addition to the finance and management courses that make up its core, ensuring graduates possess a thorough understanding of the world where they'll be doing business. Northern State University also offers a large number of scholarships which are open to online students, both for business students specifically and to all those attending the university. With study abroad opportunities available, it's also easy to build experience in foreign countries that can be extremely valuable to starting a career.

5. Everglades University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$18320 75% 52% 85% Yes Yes AP Credits

Everglades University of Boca Raton, Florida, is a school with campuses across the state, as well as an online division which offers a Bachelor of Science in International Business program. This international business program designed to accommodate those with experience, with space for several credits of Prior Learning Assessments that can reduce the time needed to graduate. Online students will have the opportunity to use computer applications and software currently used in the industry, as they gain hands-on experience in this quality program.

6. Minot State University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$7592 67% 45% 90% Yes Yes AP / ACE Credits

Minot State University in North Dakota offers its top-notch Bachelor of Science in International Business program online. The program itself is well constructed and IACBE accredited, but Minot State University really stands out with its experiential offerings. The school can facilitate internships or arrange study abroad opportunities and ensures these are available to every student with scholarships and other forms of funding. S

7. University of Minnesota - Crookston

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$12116 68% 50% 93% Yes Yes AP / NCCRS Credits

The University of Minnesota in Crookston is home to another great program that's available online. Their Bachelor of Science in International Business is designed to offer students a broad education that encourages global thinking in a business board room atmosphere. To that end, there are many study abroad opportunities available to students, as well as internships and field experiences that can help to build that knowledge of how real world business works. The program is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), ensuring that students can expect the kind of degree that sets them up for success.

8. Lakeland University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$29880 78% 48% 100% Yes Yes AP Credits

Plymouth, Wisconsin's, Lakeland University is a Christian university that offers a unique online Bachelor of Business Administration program with a concentration in international business, combining managerial skills with the knowledge to do work with companies abroad. The program places a heavy focus on experiential education, offering students study abroad options and internships with international businesses.

9. State College of Florida - Manatee-Sarasota

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$3074 No Available Data (2019-2020) 37% 73% Yes Yes AP Credits

The State College of Florida at Manatee-Sarasota has an online program that's worth considering. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management with a concentration in International Business and Trade focuses on the issue of doing business globally from a managerial perspective. This makes the program well-suited to those who wish to run a business that offers its services worldwide. The program is designed for those who already hold an associate's degree or a similar amount of college credits, meaning that most students need only complete two more years of study to earn the degree.

10. Keiser University - Ft. Lauderdale

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$21008 No Available Data (2019-2020) 69% 89% Yes Yes AP Credits

Keiser University's Fort Lauderdale location is an interesting school with quality online offerings. The ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business is unique in that the course content is delivered in Spanish as well as English, allowing even those who speak English as a second language to further their education.

11. Oral Roberts University

Tuition Acceptance Rate Graduation Rate Financial Aid % Placement Services Career Services Accepts
$30070 68% 55% 99% Yes Yes AP / ACE Credits

Oral Roberts University is a Christian school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an excellent Bachelor of Science in International Business and Ministry program. This online international business program presents an interesting take on the standard international business curriculum by supplementing it with a minor in evangelism and ministry. Oral Roberts University ensures that students are able to flourish by providing them with success coaches, frequent class terms, and flexible schedules.

To get a more in-depth look at our school ranking methodology, please visit's ranking methodology page.

International Business Specializations/Concentrations

Many schools offer international business itself as a concentration. It is rare for schools to offer similar concentrations or specializations under an international business degree. Students, however, are encouraged to pursue minors in subjects that overlap with their degree and may help to further their future careers such as management, marketing, finance, or accounting.

Curriculum/Coursework for an International Business Degree

Traditional curriculum includes a vast range of business courses, many of which have an international focus in order to provide students with all the necessary skills to succeed in an international business career. Some of those courses may be:

  • Global Business Ethics: explores the interior aspects of global business operations including global power structures, moral concerns, and geopolitics. It often has an emphasis on income inequality and environmental impact.
  • International Economics: looks at the theory of international trade and how international economic institutions operate.
  • International Marketing: takes a look at the various strategies, policies, and environmental factors that come into play in international marketing. One of the primary focuses is on
  • International Management: focuses on cross-cultural management and communication skills as well as analyzing the impact of internationalization and its contributions to a multicultural world.

Students should be aware that there are also many free Online International Business Courses available.

In addition to standard coursework, internships are very important, and sometimes even required for international business degrees. For many people, internships lead to jobs and show potential employers that students not only have the education but the experience necessary to perform well.

Study abroad is also important for prospective international business students. While not all online programs have it built into their curriculum, students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors to see if it is possible to study abroad in their program. Many programs offer the ability to complete an internship while abroad which is extremely valuable for a degree in international business.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Bachelors in International Business?

Traditionally for a full-time student, it will take around four years or 120 credit hours to complete their online degree. However, for those who have already earned their associate's and are transferring to a different school, an online bachelor's in international business can take around two years to complete. Schools also offer a part-time option for those in the workforce or who are unable to attend school full-time. They traditionally allow students to take a lighter workload which increases the amount of time it takes to complete the degree.

Accreditation for Online Bachelor's in International Business Degrees

Students looking into international business degrees should try to pursue one that is accredited, which proves the program is devoted to rigorous standards. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is one of the accrediting agencies for business schools. They have been holding schools to the highest standards of excellence since 1916 and have more than 1,700 member organizations and more than 840 accredited business schools worldwide.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is the only specialized accrediting agency for associate degree business programs, but they are also a global business education accrediting body for all levels of collegiate business education. Like the AACSB, the ACBSP holds schools to extremely high standards of excellence and schools are able to lose accreditation if they do not meet those standards.

There are also regional accreditation agencies. A school must be regionally accredited in order for students to be able to receive financial aid. Employers are also unlikely to hire a prospective employee if the school they attended is not regionally accredited.

How to Choose a School & Program

Choosing a school can often be overwhelming. There are so many different options to choose from, even when limiting it to just online programs. But there are a number of things to look at while making a choice to help whittle the list down further.

  1. Be sure that the school is accredited. The cheapest online option might sound appealing, however, if the school is not accredited then there is a high probability that students will not receive federal financial aid and, as mentioned previously, it may deter employers.
  2. Discuss with current students what the program is like. This truly helps to give students a glimpse into what the program entails other than just what is online. Students will tell prospective students the ins and outs of the school including which classes are most helpful, the advisor helps the most, and which teachers are the most engaging.
  3. Make sure the program covers everything expected. If a student wishes to go into economics with their international business degree, make sure there are enough courses offered online for that to be feasible.

International Business Licensure & Certification

While there is no international business-specific licensure, there are a number of business certificates that can help to bolster a person's career, depending on what field they go into after they graduate. The Certified Professional Manager (CPM) certificate from CCPC Global is one such certificate. They must demonstrate that they meet the standards set by CCPC Global including 4000 hours of full-time managerial work experience as well as a business administration degree or a similar degree within relevant education parameters.

A Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate is another such certificate. This certificate is meant to show what you know what you are doing in projected management. In order to qualify for the PMP, prospects must have a four-year degree, at least 36 months leading projects, at least 35 hours of project management education or training. The other qualifying requirements, if a bachelor's degree is not applicable, are a high school diploma or an associate degree, 60 months leading projects, and 35 hours or project management education or training. If a person meets the requirements set forth, they're able to take the PMP Exam.

International Business Career Information

Prospective students have a vast amount of careers for which a degree in international business prepares them. Those who have graduated with a degree in international business have gone on to be financial analysts, stockbrokers, economists, product managers, lawyers, public relations specialists, import/export coordinator, and trade specialists. The list does not end there, however, as this degree has a large number of transferable skills across the business spectrum.

How to Become an International Business Lawyer

Those who study international business and develop an interest in law may wish to become an international business lawyer. These lawyers specialize in business interests and issues that involve two or more countries, so they must be knowledgeable about other countries' laws and policies. The description of an international business lawyer will vary due to the specific needs of the client however, they typically involve international trade law, securities, and international banking.

Education beyond a bachelor's degree is required for this field. Prospective lawyers must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before attending an American Bar Association-accredited law school. It is during law school that they can take classes specializing in business law. In order to become a licensed lawyer, upon graduating from a law school, prospective lawyers must pass the Bar examination in the state in which they plan to practice law. The law field is almost always on the rise and is a very profitable field to enter. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (or BLS), the job outlook for 2019-2029 is a 4% growth for all lawyers. On average, according to the BLS in May of 2019, lawyers make $122,960 per year.

How to Become an International Trade Specialist

Students who develop an interest in trade may also wish to go into the international trade field and eventually go on to become an international trade specialist. International trade specialists do not need graduate degrees, though they do appeal to prospective employers. They typically do need experience in the field before becoming a specialist. International trade specialists need at least three to five years of international trade experience as well as problem-solving skills, written and oral communication skills, and a familiarity with foreign trade.

Many aspiring international trade specialists first work in entry-level international trade positions in order to gain the experience necessary to become a specialist. The majority of the time, these entry-level workers work under a senior staff member. These specialists identify risk areas in global supply networks, enforce operations, and make sure that the trade program is operating effectively. They need a vast knowledge of international trade issues and tariff structures. People who are international trade specialists can work for a number of different organizations including the government. According to PayScale, the average base salary for International Trade Specialists, as of 2020, is $59,880 per year.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information for International Business Degrees

If a student is in need of financial aid, they should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. The information provided will help the college determine financial aid eligibility. Financial aid can come from many different sources including the federal government, the state, college, and private sectors.

Grants and scholarships are two types of aid that do not need to be repaid. Grants are awarded on financial need status, while scholarships often come from private institutions and are awarded based on the qualifications they desire (such as state, major, or ethnicity), or they may require some sort of submission in the form of artwork, essay, or video.

Federal Work-Study programs allow students to work part-time on campus in order to pay for their school.

Students borrow money when they take out loans. These loans should eventually be paid in full plus whatever interest accrues. There are many types of loans and types of repayment options available.

Professional Organizations in International Business

There are a number of professional committees that help to further international business careers. These organizations provide their members with additional education, networking opportunities, and credibility. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Bankers Association for Foreign Trade (BAFT) - BAFT is the leading international transaction banking association that provides training, thought leadership, education, and advocacy. BAFT has been around for over 85 years and has numerous conferences and high-quality programs directed at allowing people all over the world to network and learn.
  • Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) - OWIT's mission is to help advance women in business while fostering international trade. They have chapters all over the world that are formed, governed, and operated entirely at a local level. This allows members to take advantage of both local and global benefits.
  • International Business Council (IBC) - IBC's mission is to advance global economies through networking. They engage with political, academic, and societal leaders in order to create platforms that address pressing problems within the international business community. They also create open dialogue among global and regional international business leaders through events and professional development programs that are geared to international business agendas.
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