Agricultural Machinery Operation

In agricultural settings, workers are needed to operate various forms of heavy equipment and machinery. These workers are sometimes known as agricultural equipment operators. Keep reading to discover formal training options as well as possible career paths.

Inside Agricultural Machinery Operation

Agricultural equipment operators control various types of machines, such as cleaners, conveyor belts and loading machines. Some equipment they might use include tillers, tractors and spreaders. These machines and equipment allow workers to plant, maintain and treat their crops.

During farming months, agricultural equipment operators can expect to have a workweek of 6-7 days. They can also expect work to be seasonal. Most agricultural workers get their training on-the-job. A high school education may not be required for some jobs. A valid driver's license or commercial driver's license (CDL) might be required for heavy equipment operation. If this line of work interests you, check out the resources listed below to find out more.

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